Nero is a 31 year old male with Caramel skin tone and red pupil-less eyes. he stands at 6 feet and 4 inches tall and has Black hair with red tips, his hair spikes to the back around the head then flows down to the middle of his back. Nero has a toned frame and scars covering various parts of his body.

Orion is the same except his hair is completely black and has no spikes in it. he also wears brown contacts to give him the eyes.

Clothing Style/Signature Outfit

Nero has had a fascination with Trench coats since his birth and chooses to wear them as a normal signature style of his. the same goes for Orion. though their Dress style is rather plain being made up of few parts to comprise his outfit. Usually seen wearing a black trench coat and a blue shirt, brown pants, and red shoes. Orion however chooses to wear a white trench coat with a red shirt and blue pants with brown shoes.


Nero Sync Tokurei was created using scanned data by the Organization called Zeta as a part of the Zen Project. Once the being had split, it divided up it's powers between two beings named Z-001 and Z-002. Z-001 was an energetic but cold hearted girl who had realm over the properties of sound magic and manipulation, and was dubbed Lyra as a testament to her ability of sound and magic. Z-002 had shown no signs of power, but exuded tremendous physical strength, dubbed Nero for his power. he was a man of cold appearances but a warm and open heart to nearly everything around him.

Nero had lived his life with Zeta for 4 astral moons to the point where he had started his adventure in Lumier, discovering the world and it's inhabitants. it wasn't long before his peaceful life became turbulent with fight after fight, even participating in a war against another race of being. on his way he had made friends and had become a legend in his own world. However when his adventure came to an end and he had saved Lumier from being erased he had done something he has grieved over. he had to kill Lyra, his sister. after being stricken with grief he had vanished from the pages of Lumier's history as noone knows what happened to him after that.

Orion Amlestine. is the adopted son of Gareta Amlestine had become a mercenary of the sword. Hired for pay he was eventually scouted by the military of Soliana and enlisted for pay. he had rose up the ranks quickly however, becoming a member of a branch of the military specialized in Gurella operations called N.E.O.S along with others in his squad he had taken on operations in various fields, helping the smaller military establish itself as a force among the kingdoms. However on an expedition he had discovered a girl being attacked by a small beast. opting to save the girl in distress he had nearly failed his mission to get her to safety. once home the two had gotten to know each other and he had hired her under himself as a branch unit.

the two had traveled together and fought together as soon the leader of his squad had passed down the reigns to him, only because the others didnt want it and had recognized him as a leader. Orion then renamed the unit Astral Stars. once a comrade had been kidnapped to be taken to the underworld he and his unit dispatched themselves to save her. down in the underworld he had used his power to save the girl, revealing his identity to be Nero however never stating why he had kept it hidden. once he and his unit came back to Lumier he had revealed that he had changed himself to atone for his sin of killing his sister, claiming Heroes didnt exsist because he couldnt save the one person he had ventured to bring home. instead he had to raise his sword. however he had soon came to grips with his reality and had gotten married. he now lives his life rather leisurely, taking on jobs in other worlds as his unit is on standby.

Ability and Aptitude

Nero Sync Tokurei
Nero uses a large Rifle sword as a weapon mixing gun skills in with his swordsmanship. the rifle is a lengthy single barrel musket-like gun with a large sword attached to it's underbarrel like a bayonet. the sword itself isnt that long measuring at only 4 feet long exactly. due to this he possesses no side arm. however he does have Grenades he can throw to cause explosions as well as the Aegis Armor and his Aura.

Aura/Aura Senses/Aura Manipulation
Nero has the ability to manipulate his own unique Aura in a multitude of ways such as attacks and sensing the presence of those around him. his Artificial body releases this aura infinitely however so only he can control it. His aura also gives off the impression he is stronger than he really is, if one were able to scan his aura or spirit energy or the like the reader would likely be overwhelmed by this and assume he is far more powerful than he actually is.

He can use his Aura to initiate a state of an Aural sense, scanning his surroundings for life so even an invisible enemy or masked enemy can be identified. however he cannot grant this ability to another person. this aural sense also can see the "reality" of the world, bypassing any and all illusion; at least on sight. he can still be affected from every sense other than sight. his Aural senses has a wide radius around him and can expand but would cause strain on his body.

Nero can use the limitless aura his body produces to whip out a multitude of attacks. however his Aura attacks have special propperties. the attacks cannot be blocked by any wall or shield. but are very very weak in power due to his poor aptitude in magic. often only used to break an opponents guard or to bait a certain tactic out of an opponent his Aura attacks pack little power. Notibly his Technique Aura Cannon, Aura Cannon cannot be blocked by any means and the blast is a very very large radius in front of him, however the attack is relatively weak and will only pose a threat if the person is inside the blast for an extended time. as a drawback he cannot move when preforming the Technique and also he cannot follow up with any other Tech of any element or property. another example is Shooting star which is used to pierce a foe's shield but deals very little damage to the actual person.

Aegis Armor

During his adventures Nero had made a pact with a being called Aegis. a mechanical entity which feeds off the user's aura and provides the user with utillity in exchange. Nero can use this to produce a durable metal from his arm with special properties. the metal itself conducts heat as well as cooling. but the special thing about this metal is that the closer to him, the stronger it is. the armor that covers his free hand is essentially an unbreakable shield. but if he were to send out the metal for whatever reason, the further away from him it got the more brittle it would become, even going as to have an actual stopping point where the metal will continuously fall off when it would try to grow. another utility is that Aegis can repair damaged or broken machinery and technology. but the same earlier is true. the further away he gets the weaker and brittle it becomes to the point he would have to hurry before it broke away on its own.

Aegis is never used directly in attacks but is used to amplify his ability to conduct heat. acting as a conduit Nero is able to draw in heat from the air to produce ice themed attacks, however this burns the metal and sends it into Overheat, which can drain his health over long term use and continued use. inversely he can expell heat to create fire by drawing in the cold from around him. this encasing his arm in ice and slowing movement as well as reflexes.

Orion Amlestine

Orion uses an Oodachi he had inherited from his mother while focusing on pure swordsmanship. the hilt is 2 feet long and the blade is 5 feet long. the sword has no special properties and is just a forged weapon that his mother had given down. he has a 6 shot assault rifle side arm and also carries smoke bombs. Orion can aslo use his Aura but to a much greater extent than Nero to the point he had gained more a magical aptitude, however he cannot use Aegis or the power of heat.

Samurai Soul

Orion posses his mother's spirit which he can fuel into the sword to fire off energy waves as well as preform special attacks. Orion's fighting style is more simplistic than Nero as he had mastered the art of the sword and can place his aura into various things. but by the loss of Aegis he loses some of his physical strength and becomes more of a balance of physical strength and magical strength.

if you wish to know more about these two then you will have to get to know their quirks. it is still possible to be with Nero despite his cannon becoming Orion likewise it is still okay to be around Orion knowing that he is Nero (he will deny it though)