So I was playing around with some items that were all bubblegum colored. Then end result is a rather cute little avatar. I did do a background on this one, but usually, I prefer no background due to playing in Zomg a lot. There the backgrounds end up disappearing as you move through the maps and different areas. So it takes away from the look you were going for unless you stand still.

The Look:
User Image

Equipped items:
Lips: Lovely Peppermint Lady Lucie User Image
Vest: Seraphique Vest User Image
Arms:Glacia's Pilgrimage User Image
Make-up: La Belle Rouge User Image
Hair: Bubblegum Cottontail User Image
Legs: We Playfully Hunger User Image
Eyes: Poignant Natured Artist User Image
Dress: Bubblegum Pandaista User Image
Background 1: Bubblegum Hop User Image
Background 2: Creamy Cattus User Image
Dog: Cafe Bubblegum User Image