I decided to try to tie in an avatar that touched on a rpg level. Kind of a sense of a spellblade. Someone that dabbled in both magic and my favorite, sword-wielding. This is what I came up with. razz The first in a line of series I will be continuing. Keep in mind I do layer items, so if you cannot figure out how I did it, ask I'll help you. Enjoy

The Look:
User Image

Equipped Items:

Mask: Cool Starter Military Face Mask User Image
Arms: Queen of the Frozen North User Image
Lips: Lovely Peppermint Lady Lucie User Image
Eyes: Rosamund's Devotion User Image
Sword:The Diabolical Duke of Lalune User Image
Cape: Diamond Reverie User Image
Hair: Kikimora's Omen User Image
Make-up: La Belle Chanteuse User Image
Skirt: Sweet Blueberry Mousse User Image
Dress: Matron Hanabi User Image
Legs: O'holy Prayer User Image
Frosty Air: Astra: Frosty Air User Image
Bra: Admired Honey Waitress User Image