So now I think it's about time I talk about the RP I've been doing. I talked about it a little in a previous entry, but now it's time I tell the whole story. I'm sorta proud of what I did here, as I was able to vent my own frustrations whilst telling a fairly decent story. Doing this RP with me was this girl called "Rynn01", and she's really fun to be around. If I didn't have so many friends already, I'd consider adding her.

The story begins with my character, Stacy. She's off to see her rich friend after getting a letter from them. The two of them haven't seen each other in a long time, so it's sure to be a fun reunion. She goes to her friend's manor first thing in the morning, and essentially breaks into the house to see them. (Nobody answered when she knocked, and the front door was unlocked. She just went in.)

Enter, Samantha, the rich friend of Stacy, played by Rynn01. The two of them meet with one another in the bedroom to discuss the invite. It seems that Samantha is getting married to the rich business tycoon Paul Latimer. Now she wants Stacy to be her Maid of Honor for their upcoming wedding. Also, Samantha is pregnant with her fiancée's child, which is why they're getting married so soon.

Our bride-to-be looks at some of her dresses, and worries how the baby will affect her figure. She hears some women never recover from that. Stacy gets a little self-conscious when the topic of figures come up, and mentions how out-of-shape she already is. While Stacy isn't that fat, she isn't exactly in perfect health either. But this causes her and Samantha to agree that they should start working out together once the child is born.

Samantha wants Stacy to meet her fiancée, so she calls him on the phone to see when he's available. Unfortunately, he's having meetings all day. So Samantha invites two other guests instead. These are Paul's sister Stephanie, or "Steph" for short, and Paul's cousin Madeline, or "Maddy" for short. Stacy is the one who decides where they should meet, as she knows a really good restaurant in town.

(I think my old alcoholic shtick from chat manifested itself in this scene, because Stacy drank an entire bottle of champagne while they were talking.)

Stacy and Samantha meet with one another at the Sandwich Barn, where they're waiting for their guests. The first to arrive is Steph, who I played. She's a model with an unrealistically attractive physique, thanks to lots of plastic surgery. The second to arrive was Maddy, who Rynn played. She's bubble-headed, loud, and has no filter. So she's embarrassing to the characters, but fun for us to write.

They go into the restaurant and order food. We learn that Steph is a snob from the way she talks negatively about the restaurant, and how she keeps herself distant from Stacy because she isn't rich. She's also a health nut, as she requests all the latest health trends in her food. Things like gluten-free, low calorie, vegan, et cetera.

Stacy and Maddy both order some spicy sandwiches, and have a little contest over who can eat theirs faster. Meanwhile, Steph is talking with Samantha about the wedding. It seems that Steph and Maddy are also bridesmaids for Samantha's big day, but Steph wants more. She says she's perfect enough to be the Maid of Honor, and asks if Samantha would make her one.

Samantha sadly informs her that she already has a Maid of Honor. It's Stacy. Steph is surprised by this and calls Stacy fat. By contrast, she brings up her own body, which she takes pride in. She mentions how men from the entire world swoon as the mere mention of her name. To her, it's obvious that her perfect body should be in the spotlight. However, Samantha is firm in her decision. Stacy is still the Maid of Honor.

Stacy may have been in a contest with Maddy, but she still heard Steph smack-talk her. She gives her a glare.

When everyone is finished eating, they all must part their separate ways. Samantha and Stacy are going to find a wedding planner today. But before they go, Maddy gives Stacy her phone number. Likewise, she puts Stacy's number in her phone.

The bride and her Maid of Honor make their way to a large store that sells all things wedding related. "The Bridal Boutique", it's called. Though as they go to find the planners department, Stacy is feeling uneasy. Steph calling her fat really got under her skin. She was already insecure about that, and now that snobbish voice is repeating itself in her head. She looks around at all the other women in the mall. They're so much prettier than she is. Even Samantha is prettier. For a moment, Stacy wishes to see Samantha's figure ruined after her child is born, so she doesn't suffer alone.

Samantha asks if Stacy's okay, but she just lies by saying she is.

They find the planners department, and make a walk-in appointment with a Phineas Fonz. The room of Mr. Fonz is best described as a "psychedelic art gallery", for all the clashing patterns on the walls and the strange busts all around. And sitting at his desk in the middle of it all is a man talking in a fake French accent. This is Mr. Fonz, played by me, who's going to help them plan their wedding. Samantha and Phineas talk for a bit about their plans, and the planner makes some notes. Once the meeting is over, he gives them the day to come back for more planning.

Samantha and Stacy return to the manor for a board game with snacks. They play a game of LIFE. Ironically, Stacy wins the game despite the real winner of life being Samantha. Then Stacy goes into the bathroom to grieve. Something else is upsetting her too. The thing is, Stacy wanted to date Samantha, but her friend wasn't into other girls. And now with Samantha being engaged to a guy, it's too late to ever be a couple with her.

At one point, Samantha mentions Mark, a friend of her fiancée. She wants to set Stacy up with Mark, not knowing that her friend is a lesbian, and therefore doesn't like men.

She sleeps over at Samantha's house, and stays in the guest bedroom. When changing into some tight pajamas, she does more brooding over her figure. It's up to Samantha to give her some pajamas in her size.

The morning comes, and Stacy goes home to get her suit for work. Samantha gets ready for work as well, putting on her outfit. And now we see where our characters work. Stacy is an office drone at the bottom of the corporate ladder in an insurance company. Samantha, as mentioned during their reunion, is the successor to her father's company in stock broking.

Before work is over, Maddy calls Stacy to propose the idea of a bachelorette party. She ends up embarrassing her in front of her coworkers by mentioning strippers while the phone is on speaker. Stacy gets into a taxi after work, and calls Maddy back. The two talk about the bachelorette party and start planning it out.

Meanwhile, Samantha gets a call from Steph. She invites her to come to a poker game, but Sammy refuses. They agree instead to see a play tomorrow.

The next day comes, and Stacy has a bit of time before work. We see that she lives in the slums, which I describe in the story as a "white ghetto". Poverty and crime is rampant here. And worst of all, she gets followed by a young man with a guitar named Nathan. He constantly stalks her in order to play her vulgar songs about living in the streets.

Stacy gets away from Nathan for the morning, and gives Maddy a call. They agree to meet at the Sandwich Barn to discuss their plans for a bachelorette party. Once they're both there, it's obvious they have different parties in mind. Stacy wants something fancy and proper, as they're inviting Samantha's coworkers at the stock broking company. Maddy on the other hand wants an erotic party with strippers and a sexual-looking cake. They talk for a little bit, then Stacy has to get to work.

Samantha goes to the Bridal Boutique to talk with Mr. Fonz again, and they do more wedding planning. At one point, Phineas gives Samantha the address to a bakery so she can taste their cakes. She plans to bring her bridesmaids along with her for that day.

Stacy's shift is over and it's time to go shopping. Maddy put Stacy in charge of decorations, and she's going to Groovy Town to get them. Groovy Town is the only party store in down, which sells low-priced, cheaply made garbage that passes for party supplies. Stacy sends some pictures of balloons to Maddy, and she disapproves. She says she knows a better party store at the mall that just opened up. She plans to meet with Stacy there to find the decorations together.

But before she leaves the store, Stacy sees some plastic yellow and purple roses for sale. She knows that Samantha loves yellow roses because her fiancée would always give her them as a symbol of love. And the purple roses are a complimentary colour. She decides to get these plastic roses as a surprise decoration for Samantha.

Stacy and Maddy are at the mall now. They go to the party store, and get all the things they need. But then, they just start going around for the sake of it. They have a good time at the mall with one another, and end up relaxing at the food court. That's where Stacy mentions that she used to do this with Samantha when they were younger. They'd always fool around in the mall together. It really brought her back. In fact, Stacy mentions that Maddy even looks like Samantha a little. Maddy's like the younger version of Samantha that Stacy once knew.

Maddy asks her if they could get some food together, but she passes. Stacy says that she's trying to lose weight. However, Maddy thinks she's fine the way she is.

Meanwhile, Samantha is all dressed up to see the play with Steph. A limo comes by, and Steph invites Samantha to come in. The two converse with one another while drinking sparkling water. We learn that Steph hates alcohol, and considers it "one of evil's many roots". Hypocritically, she's a smoker.

They arrive at the theatre to see Botteleir Pepper the Musical. (If you've read my journal for a long time, you know what that's a reference to.) Steph uses her looks to make people willingly let her cut in line. This gets her, Samantha, and their silent driver Rodger (who is also played by me) to the front of the line in no time. Steph tells Samantha that with a body like hers, the public gives her the royal treatment.

When Samantha requests they get some snacks, Steph sends Rodger to the concession stand. Samantha finds herself rather uncomfortable around Steph and her elitism. And she hates having to be polite around her. However, she has no choice. Rodger soon comes back with the snacks, and they get to their seats.

Their seats are at the balcony, where four are available. Steph is the first to sit down, as she takes up the two middle seats at once. Then Samantha and Rodger get on the seats to her sides. The show starts soon after that.

Once the show is over, they go out to eat at a buffet. We get to see more of Steph's health-nuttiness as she eats some weird and grody "hyper-nutritious" foods.

The morning sun rises over the slum, as Stacy gets up. She has time before work, so she searches around her closet for something. She finds it, and it's an exercise tape that she borrowed from her mother and never gave back. "Basic Fitness With Katie Wong" (It's a parody of Blogilates.) Stacy does the first session of moves successfully. Then she dreads having to do such tiring work every day.

Maddy is naked in bed with another woman (whom she presumably doesn't know) after a night of drinking. She gets a phone call from Samantha. She wants Maddy to inform Stacy about the cake-tasting she wants to do. In the meantime, Samantha is going to inform Steph.

Stacy managed to avoid Nathan for the moment, and is going to her car. That's when she gets a call from Maddy. .... and that's all we have so far in the story.

As I said, I'm really liking this, and I want to post an update when more happens. I hoped you enjoyed this too. But until then...

Be Right Back, World!