Chapter 38: { wahmbulance }

Plans had to be made, Sara would have to once again get ahold of Whis and somehow try and talk him into another trip. That would have to wait until she felt someone playing with her hair. She never did realize just how puffy it gotten from the time she was in the chamber as well as not cutting it during her travels. She turns to see it was Bulma of all people, frowning at her. "You should let me cut this thing, I'm not sure where you start under all this."

Sara lets out a low laugh. "Aye, you should see me in winter, I'm nothing but fluff." "Come on you..." Bulma sits her down as she gets a comb and some scissors. She was careful however but Sara didn't seem to mind any of it. Goten gives Trunks a nudge again and he narrows his eyes at his friend, shooing him away. Goten wasn't about to leave him alone however and soon they were play fighting. Chi-chi catches them and makes them stop, shaking her finger at both of them. It wasn't long before Bulma was done and steps back. "There."

Sara got to take a look in a small mirror she has as she turns her head. "Better, I don't look like some wild child anymore, can't promise it will last..." Vegeta just rolls his eyes, happy he didn't have to worry about such nonsense. Even Chi-chi had to agree she did look much better with her hair back above her shoulders. "You look lovely dear..." Sara looks down a bit. "Thank you.." She blinks as Trunks and Goten go back to their fight, which made Chi-chi step in and drag her son away. "Honestly you two, what are you fighting about?"

Goten knew better than to struggle against his mother. "Ow...he won't tell Sara about the tournament." "I was too." Chi-chi just lets out a low sigh as she shakes her head at them. "You two act like children.." Sara just tilts her head, but just kind of watches the show, it was entertaining after all. Things settled down a bit as Goten gets an even better idea. He pulls Trunks along for the ride as he finds a quiet spot to talk to his friend seriously. "I just had an idea, we should get married at the same time!"

Trunks jumps at this. "What?" "Think about it, we can totally do it after the tournament, you can ask her then, my parents got married after their match in the ring, it would know, cool!" Trunks was doubtful, but getting married alongside his friend did sound appealing. "Well..alright, but how are we going to make sure me and her get to fight?" Goten gives it some thought, they had changed how the tournament worked over the years. "We'll think of something, we normally do."

As it got late the Son family left and dinner was made. Trunks did tell her about the tournament as she leans back, wondering if she should give it a shot. She's done it before, however the fighting matches back home was a little more one sided, only one person got to leave the arena. "So it's just a simple, knock out your opponent?" Trunks gives her a nod. "I'm going to enter again, and I'm sure dad's going to enter as well." "You're damn right I'm going to enter, that damn clown still owes me a match."

Trunks shakes his head at his dad. "So what's the reward for winning?" Sara really didn't want to get another crazed fan trying to follow her wherever she went. "Some cash, and the title as the new worlds martial arts champion." She lets out a low cough as she places her hand over her heart. "You mean like...the whole world, that's insane, just how many people show up for this thing?" "Oh millions of people show up, I actually won the junior division when I was eight." "Wow...alright, I'm in, might be fun to see what other people here can do."

Win or lose, Trunks didn't really care, he would make this as surprising as he could. Even for him that was, but he smiles as he eats his dinner. After dinner Sara follows Trunks to his room, moving her tail slowly. He had given her a silent look that told her to follow him. She was in for a small surprise when he closes his door and pulls her close, kissing her deeply. He didn't want to say it in front of his folks but he really had missed her. She lets out a soft moan as his hands travel over her body.

He was quick to remove his black tank top for her as he leads her to his bed. She giggles softly as he lays her down and pulls her robe up over her head and just throws it to the corner. She wasn't going to need it after all as he quickly got the rest of his clothes off. Her eyes shine at him as he leans over and kisses her once again, his hands moving down to her hips. He had been dying to do this the moment she showed up again.

He didn't waste any time as he pushed her against his bed and enters her. He lets out a hot moan as he holds her hips tightly as he places his lips on hers. He holds her tightly as he goes slow and deep, enjoying her scent, her taste, her warmth. Just like their first time together she lit a fire under his skin that he just couldn't get enough of. He picks up the speed, earning him a soft moan from her as he goes in and bites at her neck. He was so happy his bed could take the abuse as he feels himself hit his release. He pants softly as he gazes down at her, he had no plans to let her go tonight.