I walked down the paved walkways of the park. I spot a little dog that runs through a tunnel on the nearby wall. I run to the wall and crouch down to see if the dog is okay. I bend down and crawl into the hole after the dog.

I get to the other side of the tunnel and it's like I am still at the park only there are different beings walking around and enjoying the amusements.
I am captured by a group of gargoyle looking munchkins and they lock me up in what feels like a cramped laundry hamper for hours with 2 other prisoners.

They are just blurs to me now. We are saved by a group of small mushroom men. They were walking with arms and legs, but they where mushrooms with beady little eyeballs. It was adorable. They tell me they want to assist me in my mission, because I was the foretold prophet that came to their world from another world to kill their immortal Queen of corruption.

I begin my journey through an open field which leads into a valley at the bottom of a hill. This valley holds a stone opening by the side of a cliff. You just have to swim through a river to reach it. Large perfectly cut stone creates another widespread tunnel. It was much more alluring than the one that I chased the puppy through.

A woman in a light blue gown. She is a fair maiden who goes by the name Virgo. She appears from the other side of the hedges as I lay eyes on her for the first time. Virgo tells me to meet with the wizard. It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.
She points to a tunnel that I can't remember the appearance of. I guess that tunnel was a black hole.

I could never find the wizard on my own. I found a Gnome who turned out to be the king of the mushroom men who saved me from the Queen's Prison. He led me to where we would battle.

The Queen Tormented me from the other side of the canyon between us. My loved ones are trapped in the large enclosed pot she stands upon. They are holstered like a teapot over flame, but she threatens to lower them into the boiling magma hole. It seams we are on Volcanic ground.

We reached the plateau where we would battle the Queen. I have a mushroom men army shooting arrows while the King of the Mushrooms and I are on catapult duty. We drench a boulder in ghastly chemicals and flick the match before shooting it at the Queen from atop the Plateau and it strikes her down.

We have the mushroom men catapult us to the other side to free her prisoners that she had in her own version of the Brazen Bull.
The wizard finally shows up out of the blue in a starry rocket ship that came straight up from the ground beneath us.

He opens up his ship and their are nice booths for us all to hop in and take a seat. He gave us a ride back home. I guess these people who were from my dimension got lost back there. His rocket ship turned into a roller coaster that was one crazy ride and it ended. It transformed into a cart on a roller coaster and when it went into park we got off the ride.