Chapter 37:

A few days pass and Trunks was starting to go stir crazy. So in order to get his mind off of everything was to talk to Goten. Goku tagged along because he wanted to spar with Vegeta and already the two were at it like always. Chi-chi also decided to come along so she could talk to Bulma about wedding plans. Unlike with Videl and Gohan this would be a bit smaller, the only reason their wedding got out of hand was because of Mr. Satan himself. Took days to clean up that party. "Oh it seems only yesterday my oldest was getting married, now my baby is getting hitched."

Bulma just smiles as she looks a few things over. "Yeah, and think, more grandkids to spoil." Chi-chi loved Pan dearly, it took awhile to get used to it, but she found she loved the role. "Oh I know.." She turns her eyes to Trunks and Goten as he shows his friend different suits he had his eyes on. Trunks knew more about fashion since he normally always had to look his best for Capsule Corp. However most of these suites didn't seem the best style for his friend. "So what's the news on Trunks and that new girl?"

Chi-chi got the feeling she was a respectable young woman, unlike most of the males she had come to know, at least the woman knew how important it was to work. Bulma just smiles a bit as she finds what she was looking for. "Oh, they're already a couple, knowing Trunks, he won't be brave enough to pop the question, Kami knows Vegeta never was so cute though seeing him try." The two giggle as they get back to work. However Goten got bored and just sat back. "I wonder if I should wait until after the tournament."

Trunks had almost forgotten about it until now. Normally his father would drag him along, but the last tournament was canceled due to 'reasons'. "Think our dads will enter again...think I should tell Sara about it?" Goten's eyes go wide as he laughs. "You kidding, and see her as the champion, that would be cool, though I wonder, who do you think is stronger, my dad or her?" Trunks had no answer, sure Goku figured out how to use the ultra instinct technique but who can say? "I...don't know, I'm almost afraid to find out, she can be dangerous when she wants to be."

He looks up in time for none other than Whis and Sara to return. She lets him go as she smiles. "Thanks for the lift, glad you like my cooking..." "It was quite wonderful, I don't think I've ever tried deer before." She gives him a small shrug. "It's the most common animal back home, I'm surprised you never had it." "Well remind me to come to you, for anything cooked over an open fire." He taps his staff and soon he was gone. Sara watches him leave as she turns to the family.

She just holds out her hand to them. "Howdy, sorry that took so long, I had a lot of letters to write..." Trunks just jumps up, runs over and lifts her into his arms. She laughs softly as she hugs him back. "I missed you too?" He blinks and soon lets her go, blushing hard. "Sorry, you kind of had me worried there." "I didn't mean to worry you, like I said, I had a lot of people to answer to." She shakes her head a bit as she stands straight. "Be that as it may, I have a rather important announcement to make."

Before she was able to say anything she spots Vegeta, as well as Goku stepping out for a break. Goku just smiles at her, he was dying to ask her for a match, but it was going to have to wait. "Anyways, I have, hear by, quit my job at the fighters guild and the mages guild, while running them had it's perks, it seems...kind of pointless to keep a job if I plan to stay here for the long hull. Furthermore I have also sent a letter to the Most Noble Order, and trust me, I believe they'll get the hint that they made a very powerful enemy."

Vegeta had to admit, he really did like her fire. The girl had spirit and it was so rare to see. While his own mate had her own fiery spirit, Sara had the power to back it up. She would make a good wife for his normally laid back son. " you quit, guess that means you're going to look for a different job?" Trunks keeps his eyes on on her. "Well, that's where I was hoping you would come in, I wouldn't mind finding something to do here, I mean it's the least I can do for allowing me to stay rent free."

Bulma just glances at Vegeta and he looks away. Not even he would do such a thing but she smiles, walking over. "I'm sure I can find something, welcome aboard." Goku couldn't hold back anymore as he worked his way into the mix. "Yeah that's great in all, but let's make this interesting, I want to challenge you, Vegeta's had his chance after all." Sara tilts her head at him, even from here she could feel just how pumped he was for this. Her tail moves slowly as she taps her chin lightly.

"Well, okay, but on one condition." His eyes light up with excitement, he was like a kid in a candy store. "Anything!!" It was a strange thought, but she wanted her friends to see how much she had changed in the amount of time she had been here. "I get to invite my friends to see this little match of ours." He jumps up and shakes her hand. "Deal!" She just gives him a large smirk, it would be the perfect excuse to show a certain knight how well she was doing without him.