It's been a looooooooong day

9AM - Linear Algebra. Expanded further into Eigenvector and eigenspaces, was pretty ok. Trying hard not to fall asleep
10AM - Linear Algebra Tutorial, while there did webwork and discovered that I don't really know much about taking determinants.... gotta do textbook questions lmao
11AM - CI meeting, was totally roasted.
12PM - Went back to Chestnut Residence for lunch, mac and cheese is good.
1PM - MSE101, learned about polymer structures and that when you're talking about length it actually means mass wow
2PM - calculus lecture, proceeded to do calc webwork questions (12/22 done lmao) and then play some clash
3PM - CIV lecture was basically review that I kinda zoned out in
4PM - tutorial and HOLY s**t that quiz was really hard
Working on fixing up my LLD, I want to complete it tonight and hopefully get some work out of the way for... like, any other subject ever? Probably calculus or linear algebra (or even civ, i'm behind on everything.) what is even CDS...