Strange how things can change so fast like how water slips through your fingers even if you try to hold it . Who knew that people could be that way you try to hold onto them bUT they slip away through the cracks of your fingers... or maybe it only has happened to me cause to be honest I have no way of knowing what other people are feeling

Anyways I think I should stop holding on to them but to be honest I don't know how to leg go my life has not given me odd passions and lots of distractions I'm a young single women and days fly by I think I gave up on modern ways of finding love and I never had much of a career because I couldn't decide .

It often feel like this world has let me down like every road I walk down I have had to turn around. I often asked questions but I don't think I got the answers . I wanted to have a lover at a young age that didn't happen. I wanted to be a famous actress that didn't happen either . I wanted to be beautiful and shine but I failed at that as well. I wanted my family to do well I wanted to see them all smiling and living full filling lives well that hasn't happened yet . And I say yet because I have hope for them

Anyways I know that my life is not futile I know I wasnt born to cry everyday and to be dissapointed every year. I know I don't have to be suffering and miserable all the time. I know that I don't have to be so insecure all the time. I think I know these things I hate being controlled by others and I hate feeling stuck what's the point of making the same bad decisions over and over again anyways I don't know I'm only a woman and im only 23 years old.