Chapter 35:

Sara had wandered into the kitchen to talk to Bulma on how to get ahold of Whis. Turns out the man had a weakness for anything sweet so all she had to do was make something. However, Sara really didn't know how to bake. " offence, I have no idea how your...stove works the most cooking I get is over an open fire..." Bulma just smiles as she finds an old cookbook. Sara really was like Goku back when they first met, no clue on how anything worked. "I'll help you, it's easy.." Sara remained close, her tail moving slowly.

Trunks followed, but stayed by the entrance of the kitchen. He leaned back as he crossed his arms, watching her and his mom make something. Vegeta stands at his side as he keeps his eyes on his son. He already knew, by the look in his sons eyes. Vegeta was wise enough to know 'that' look. "You should tell your mother." Trunks half jumps out of his skin as he turns to his dad. "" "Tch, I'm not stupid's written all over that goofy smirk of yours, you're a warrior, show some restraint."

Trunks looks down as he shoves his hands into his pockets. "Err, right, guess you saw it coming?" Vegeta doesn't move from his spot as he nods. "No Saiyan could ignore how strong she is..I'm surprised Kakarrot hasn't tried to fight her." Trunks could feel his tail move as he wrapped it around his waist. Vegeta glanced down a bit, wondering why his son hadn't gotten rid of it. "Why are you keeping your tail boy?" Trunks looks down to his tail. "It seems to respond to her, I think it's because she has one.."

Vegeta had never given it much thought, but realized it was more or less a Saiyan thing. He lets out a huff as he goes to train. Meanwhile Bulma places something in the oven and even shows Sara how to turn it on. Bulma sets the timer and smiles. "It'll be done in a hour, you're a natural." Sara rubs the back of her head lightly. "I don't really get to cook in my own home. I'm always on the road so you have to short of learn how to cook on the go. Which normally means a lot of dried foods, bread and meat if you're lucky...but I'm normally a dead shot when it comes to hunting."

Bulma raised her brow as she turns to the girl. "Oh..?" Sara reaches into her bag and pulls out a large long green colored bow. "You bet, while I may have learned how to use the sword, the bow, has always been my go to weapon of choice." Bulla walks in and goes wide eyed, she only saw such things in books. Sara even pulls the string back as if she was taking aim on something. "Got this...from Nalia, after we cleared out her home of trolls, I couldn't bring myself to sell it. Perfect example of elven craftsmanship if ever there was one." They had an hour so Bulma finds a chair.

"So, you never did tell us, what are elves?" Bulma heard stories, mostly of the 'elves' that helped Santa but those weren't real. Sara leans against the kitchen table as she thinks about it. "Elves are...a unique race, they can speak to nature, just by closing their eyes, all elves have pointy ears and aren't the tallest you'll run into. Unlike humans however they can live for hundreds of years, even a thousand years if they get lucky." She decides to leave it at that as Trunks moves closer to sit with his mother and sister. She shoves the weapon back into her bag, it was the only one she wanted to keep on her at all times.

"At any rate aside from elves, you can't forget the dark elves, now there's a bit of interesting history." She blinks as Vegeta just kind of stumbles in, he smelt food. "Well, to be fair, this might get confusing so, stay with me. In Faerûn the history goes that they once lived side by side, that was until the dark elves discovered Lolth. You want evil, you don't go farther on the list than her, but we'll get back to that in due time. When the elves split the dark elves turned and hid underground, only to make vast cities grander than you can imagine."

"They became known as the Drow, and there's not a person anywhere that doesn't know them from just stories alone and trust me, it's all true. I got to see a Drow city for myself, it's...not something I would do again." She glances up as she continued. "Now as for Lady Lolth, she', well, lets just say she enjoys the chaos and she gives power to her most 'faithful' which are, mostly the females." Her ear twitches as she looks across at the four of them. "They're...incredibly powerful, and dangerous, they will use their own people as an 'example' and kill them in front of an audience for kicks."

Bulma shakes her head as she checks on the cake they placed into the oven. It was almost ready as she sits back down. "There's more, but for the sake of the little one I'll leave it out, now the Underdark, is also home to other creatures besides just the Drow and oh boy...they're scary..." She shivers at just the thought alone. "You got your Duergar, which I told you about, grey dwarves, like to make weapons. The Kuo-toa, we only saw a few of those, they're fish like creatures, they can get rather large." The worst was coming as she remember the last two on the list.

"The worst of the worst when it comes to the Underground are the Illithid and the Beholders. Illithid or commonly known as mind flayers, are frail things with a octopus like heads and milky white eyes. They don't look like much, but they have psionic powers that can overwhelm even the strongest of fighters, I've seen for myself how much damage it can do to a person's mind. Lastly are the Beholders, now, those would scare even the toughest of people." She takes a quick glance at Vegeta who shuffles a bit, he just came for the food after all.

"Now imagine a floating eye, that had a large mouth, and smaller eyes that sit on top of its head, that's a Beholder. They use their powers to float in the air, the small ones are harmless enough, it's the bigger ones you gotta look out for, can turn you into stone just by looking at ya!" She jumps at Bulla, making her scream, then giggle. "The Underdark really isn't a place you want to find yourself at, but unfortunately we didn't have much of a choice in the matter. You know, places to go, people to kill, you understand." Bulma just shakes her head, this girl really was something else.