Chapter 34:

Meanwhile back at Capsule Corp Bulma had just fixed the fuse box, it really had been fried. Vegeta keeps his hold on Bulla as the lights flicker on. "There, I don't know what she did, but make sure she doesn't do it again?" Vegeta just lets out a huff, it had been hours since the power went out, so he couldn't do much for training. Goten had found them as he smiled his usual smile. "You fixed the power." Bulma nods as she dusts herself off. "I better not have to do this again you hear me?" She jabs her finger into Vegeta. He just lets out a grunt. "Fine."

Goten came for a reason and blinks. "Oh right, the message, Trunks took Sara to the lookout to show her the time chamber." Bulma blinks at that as she turns to the young man. "Oh, well I guess that's fine, good to know where they went." Vegeta remained silent as he looks at Bulla, Might as well do something as he picks her up. Time to go eat all the melted ice cream that might be sitting in the fridge. Goten just rocks back and forth as he walks with Bulma. "You seem calm about this." His mother would freak out if she found out he was alone with a girl.

"Well Trunks is an adult, and I'm not blind I can see he liked her, don't blame him, she's something else." She turns to the younger version of Goku. Just like his dad he was innocent and care free. "I'm guessing you and Marron plan to wait till your married." He nods his head at her. "Mom would kill me if...we didnt, you know?" She laughs a bit, that sounded like Chi-chi. Might as well go join her husband and daughter. Goten shrugs and soon joins in as well, feeling hungry from all this waiting around.

By the next day the door opened to the chamber and Trunks walked out. He had decided to change out of his training gear and into something more casual. It was a simple black shirt, blue jeans, and a jacket with the Capsule Corp logo on it. As for Sara she stepped out, she was still in her armor, she figured it would be easier to fly in. her time in the chamber really had paid off she found. Thanks to the part of her that made her a fighter she did figure out how to control her spiritual energy as well as he could. She glances at him, his hair now tied behind in a simple ponytail.

She moves her tail slowly as she walks to the edge with him. "You know, that's a good look." He blinks as he ran his fingers through his hair. He always hated the color of it. "You really think so?" "Goes with the tail." He jumps a bit, almost forgetting he had that. Should he pull it off, did he really have to anymore? No one had bothered to wish the moon back since Piccolo blew it up. Question was, did he honestly need it, it only seemed to respond to her, most likely his Saiyan blood mistaking her for one of his own.

He shrugs a bit, he would just play it by ear he figured as he stepped off the edge of the lookout. Sara followed, a bit shaky still on the whole flying thing so he went slow. She was still getting used to all this after all. They made it home maybe an hour later as she almost crash lands. Bulla runs outside when she sees her brother, running onto him. "Brother, you missed it, we got to eat all the ice cream that melted because of the black out." Trunks ruffles her hair lightly. "Sorry we missed the party."

Bulla just smiles as she keeps hopping up and down. "Also nana and grandpa came back from their trip finally." "Is that so?" His grandparents were interesting folks. His grandpa was the one that started the company, his grandma, well, she cooked, and that was about it. The woman was a natural blonde when it came to the world around her. Trunks walks in and sure enough he gets attacked by Bunny herself. "My look how tall you've gotten, and your hair, you decided to grow it out you look so handsome~"

Trunks felt himself blush as he looks down at her. "Thanks Nan." Bunny turns to Sara, the woman rarely opened her eyes for, well anything. "Oh and who's the lovely lady?" It was her turn to blush as the elderly blonde reached up and touched her ear. "Oh my those a real..." Sara blushed even harder as she lets out a low laugh. "Yes ma'am, it's a long story." "Oh and such manners, such a sweet girl you are." She turns and heads off. "Nan?" Sara lets out a low snicker at the pet name. "Hey, she...likes it, shut up!" It wasn't long before his grandfather showed up.

He seemed like a dignified old man, with a black cat on his shoulder. "Wonderful to see you again lad, I swear everytime I see you, you get taller...good to see you didn't end up on the short side." He teased a bit as Vegeta walked past. "Watch it old man." He shrugs a bit as he wanders off to go unpack from his trip. Vegeta turns to the couple and he raises his brow a bit. It was rare for a Saiyan to regrow their tail. Even Vegeta once he figured out the second form, had no longer faced that problem.

"Well?" He kept his eyes on them as she gives him a large smile. "I figured it out, guess my fighting blood finally came in handy for something..not sure how my mother would have thought about all this though.." She stares off into nothing as her tail flicks side to side. "Now that I think about it, I would...probably leave out a lot of details...." She shakes her head a bit as she shrugs. "Now that I think about it, I really should see if I can't pop home quick, at least let my people know I'm still, you know, alive."

Trunks didn't like the idea of leaving, but he understood she had some people out there that worried about her. "You should talk to Whis, if fact, I'm sure my mom can make him come down, that way you don't get lost." It made sense, she didn't trust herself to find her own way. "Good thinking." She turns and heads off to go find her as Vegeta moved in to look at his son. There really wasn't much of a difference between the son before him and the one that came from the future. That wasn't all true, there was a light in eyes that wasn't there with the other Trunks. Things had an odd way of working out.