I still don't think I know much about love, but it can be kind of exhausting in a sense. All I do is think about him, and thinking about him when I'm sad just makes me more sad because I know I can't be with him right at that second. I just really want to know what causes these feelings, like, why him? Why not someone else that won't let this feeling fester into something else? Why not someone that actually wants to be with me? Why do I put myself in these situations? Ugh, it's just as frustrating as it is exhausting. People try to tell me that I'm young and I have forever to think about love, but literally everyone is already married or has kids and I just feel like I'm never gonna get there. Partially because I don't usually end up with the people I like, and mostly because I spend most of my days trying to figure out what's so wrong with me. To my knowledge, this isn't normal lol. Maybe it really is just me.

Kat =^_^=

Two Is Better Than One - Boys Like Girls