Chapter 29:

Early the next day, Trunks was woken up by a rather exited Goten who was just dying to talk to him. Before Trunks was even awake enough to understand what was going on Goten just gave up and told him he was on his way over. Unlike Goku, he didn't know how to teleport. In fact his father never had taught anyone else how to use that technique. So here he was, outside in nothing more than some sweatpants and a black tank top as he tried to wake up. Even if it was eight in the morning, it was just to early for his taste. Time seemed to drag until Goten showed up, almost landing right in front of Trunks.

He flails as he almost falls off his chair. "Goten, you gave me a heart attack, what the hell is up with you?" He looked so happy, even for Goten. "I asked Marron to marry me and she said yes!!" It took Trunks a minute or two before he lights up. "That's great news..I didn't know you were planing to pop the question." Goten looked down, a bit bashful. "It just short of happened, I'm going to go find a ring, but I wanted to tell you because I want you to be my best man, Gohan's already up for the gig as well." There would be no way in hell Trunks would miss this for the world. "Damn right I'll be your best man!"

Trunks got up and grabbed Goten in a headlock as he ruffled his hair. He was honestly happy for his friend, Goten and Marron had been a thing since they had gotten out of highschool. They were a good match and Trunks was delighted to learn Goten was finally decided to tie the knot. "So when's the date?" Goten breaks free and shrugs. "I haven't gotten that far yet, but once we figure it all out, I'll let you know." He smirks a bit as he leans in. "So what about you?" Trunks lets out a grumble as he looks away.

"Hey, I still have to take her on a date...thing is I'm not really sure what she would like. She's still new to all this, and she doesn't fully understand what a date is." Goten tilts his head a bit. "So what do they call it where she's from?" Trunks had never asked. "If I had to guess, seeing their technology is rather behind since she had no idea what a T.V was, it's be hard to say. I remember reading that in the past men would court women into a relationship, it's a little hard to explain." "Yeah sounds complicated." Goten's eyes light up a bit. "Why not take her to the hyperbolic time chamber?"

Trunks raised his brow at that as Goten just gave him a huge smile. "Think about it, a whole day, stretched out into a year, alone what better way to get to know her?!" It was actually a good idea, and this was coming from Goten of all people. "That's...not a bad idea, she wants to learn how to fight like we do, and no one can bother us,." He blinks, he would have to find her first to see if she would be up for the challenge. The minute dawn had come around she was training with Vegeta. He was still interested to see just what she could really do if she didn't hold back.

He asked for it, he really did as she unleashed all hell on him. He found unlike kai, magic was so hard to dodge, but that's what made it more of a challenge. Her magic was on it's own level of skill and he was enjoying the change in his normally stale training style. That was until he found that dodging her lightning bolt, was a lot harder than he thought it would be. It would just bounce off a wall and shot back at him, at a faster rate. It didn't help that the more it went, the more it spread and the harder it was to not get hit.

However with all that electricity something was bound to go, and there was a loud 'BOOM' as everything goes pitch black. Her ears flick, she had somehow found a way to not only blow the fuse box, but it knocked out the power for the whole complex. The spell was put to a end as she creates a small flame in her hands. "'re wife is going to kill me." "VEGETA!" She jumps and dims her light. "I was never here!!" She makes a run for it as he tried to stop her. He wasn't about to take the fall for this mess. Thankfully it was early in the morning, so the house wasn't in complete darkness but Trunks saw the lights go out as he walked in.

It wasn't long before everyone got together, Bulla holding onto her dad tightly as Bulma crossed her arms. "Care to explain yourself young lady?" Sara lowers her head a bit, as she hides by Trunks. "I didn't mean to, I swear, I don't even know how this happened..and to be fair, I'm not young." Bulma stumps her foot. "Either way you knocked out the power to the whole place, it's going to take hours to fix this!" Capsule corp needed power in order to keep in business. At least Bulma didn't have anything to important on the line as she throws her hands in the air as she storms off.

"I honestly didn't mean to..." Trunks just placed his hand on her back. "It's okay, if anyone can fix this mom can...we'll just have to eat out for breakfast." Her tail moves slowly, she could cook over a fire, but seeing as how much they could eat, it wouldn't quiet be enough. Bulla just looks up at her dad as she holds his hand. "We shouldn't leave mama behind." "Of course not, she can get someone else to get the power back on." Still holding her hand they go off to catch Bulma before she vanished into the darkness. Trunks felt Goten elbow him in the ribs and he blinks.

"Oh um...hey since, it's going to be awhile before the power comes back, would you like to join me on a little training spree?" She blinks as she looks up at him. "What do you mean?" He gives her a large smile. "There's a place I used to train at when I was a kid, you go into this room and you can train in there for a whole year, however outside, only a day has passed." She never heard of something like that before, but it sounded interesting. "Really, how does that work?" "Uh...huh, I'm not sure, I think Mr. Popo said that something in the room allows time to flow more slowly.."

"I see, so a whole years worth of training, in only one day, might actually come in handy, but you get to teach me how to fly." He chuckles softly and nods. "You bet." She heads off, at least she was wearing her training suit Bulma gave her. Still she grabs her bag before rejoining them. He holds onto her as he looks at Goten. "Would you let my dad know we took of?" He just smiles as he heads off, not letting Goten get a word in. "Hey...oh man..." How did Trunks always get him in spots like this?