So, let's see. At the time of writing this I'm 27 years old, married and have an adorable albeit obnoxious daughter.
Life is alright I guess. Not what I expected, though when is it ever?
I have an apartment with two cats who generally hate me with occasional exceptions, three bass guitars, a couple of keyboards and a Les Paul.
I've started work on a video game as the producer and score composer. Guess I never gave up on music. That's good, I think.
I smoke two packs a day on average, lose my breath in the middle of a sentence and still won't seem to quit. I'm tired a lot. Some days I don't want to get out of bed. Some days I can manage.

I'm still terrible with money, and can be semi-delusional with my goals and ambitions. I wear a ton of rings now.
I barely talk to my best friend, Daniel, and have few friends otherwise. I do have some, but nowhere near the variety I did.
People grow apart. Its okay. We'll come round to another some day. And if not, I hope he's had a good time.

I'm fat now. That's fun. I managed to get thin a few years ago, snagged a wife and bam! Fat. Maybe I'll hit a gym. That could be nice.

One of my friends is getting a divorce. I guess it's better than being miserable, but he's taking it a little too well. I worry if game doesn't go well he may off himself. Who knows. I try to stay out of people's heads these days.

THAT reminds me! Hey, Gaia, did you know I spent a year and a half on heroin? I was going through some rough times and my logic was "find a reason to live". Found one. Opiate. Well, turns out a reason to live is expensive, and heroin was cheaper. Muuuuch cheaper. Don't worry, happy ending I swear.
So after learning to function on boy, I made some goals.
The big one was "replace synthetic love with real love."
Did that.
Well, can't have both. So I quit boy cold turkey and boom. I was great for a while.

Anyway, times are alright. Y'all take care.

Talk to you again sometime,