As their name states, these kinds of mangoes originated from Malaysia when a group of scientists tried growing maple trees that can also produce the sweetest of mangoes, though how they achieve this is otherwise a mystery to many. However, despite their names, they're more easy to be converted into juice rather than actual syrup. In fact, their juices are also a capable key ingredient when it comes to making soda, although you can still taste mango nectar when this happens. Due to their widely popular taste, it is also edible for animals, as it can help them temporarily stave off hunger for a few hours at a time.

These mangoes can help strengthen the enzymes in one's stomach as well as overall strengthening the person's stomach itself when consumed---eating these can make a person feel as if their stomach has expanded in size (the same goes for the animals). In fact, eating these such mangoes can also allow a person to eat raw meat to a certain degree and not suffer health effects. Edible fauna that eats this kind of mango can be proven to taste a little better without necessary building a fire to cook them beforehand. Their juices are also capable of killing off any potentional fleas, bacteria, and other kinds of parasites. Furthermore, an animal or human that eats this for the first time will have a few more years added to their lifespan, though this is only a one-time (and obviously, a first-time) thing, albeit by 4-6 years.