I've had depression since a very young age. Over time, I began to have a lot of anxiety. Once I had my first panic attack, I finally decided to get on medication. If I'm going to live a while longer, then I don't want to live in fear!

Amitriptyline 25 MG worked pretty good except that I was still on edge. This went up to 50 MG which made me starve. I switched to Duloxetin 25 and then 35. For both of those, I was unable to sleep. I switched again. Right now I am taking Quetiapine ER 50 MG. I'm thinking about sticking to this one because it has been helping a lot with my anxiety. I'm still an emotional mess, but that's probably just due to habit.. I keep getting migraines. I use to get them twice a week, it stopped, and now it has been happening again. I'm hoping the cause is something else. Probably because my sleep schedule is messed up again and I've been drinking lots of soda. The first time taking Quetiapine, my vision was slow and I became dizzy. It also says to not take this with food. I decided to test it. My stomach hurt so bad that I was sweating. Never again! If you do decide to take this medication, just be careful.

Before even trying out medication for my depression and anxiety, I got a lot of comments saying that I shouldn't bother because it will make me suicidal and can cause side effects. It seems pretty dumb to me because I was suicidal to begin with. The way I see it; If you're going to stick around in this sh*tty world, you may as well put in the effort to get help. Medication won't fix your problems, but it can help make your mood better. I think it's worth it. I think it's worth trying out different medication until you find what works for you. I get that life is draining and you may not even want to put in the effort. Yeah, well.. it's not getting any better by sitting on your ass, either. If you have the opportunity for free medication with health insurance, go for it.