Chapter 25:

As everyone started to gather and talk Sara found some of these people, rather interesting. Some of them had known one another for countless years. Many of them, had either started as enemies or rivals and over time, they became friends. They were all different, however she was a touch scared of Piccolo having no idea what to make of him. He didn't know what to make of her either so they had a bit of a stare down for a few minutes. After awhile she started to get more used to this and started to relax a bit more.

Her tail moves slowly as she found herself talking among 18 and Krillin. They seemed like a nice couple and 18 had more or less told him about this new comer. Her ears flick as she looks up, feeling a familiar tingle of magi in the air. She just didn't expect to see Edwin of all people step out and rush over to her. He was as tall as her, deep red robes and long brown hair. He was handsome by his own right, if it hadn't been the chain attached to his noes ring and ear ring. Sara could only guess the idea was made over some drinks.

"There you are. (tracking you is like pulling teeth from a bear) You have something that belongs to me." He had a deep accent that any woman would find sexy. If he wasn't evil, Sara would be one of them as she just gives him an innocent smile. "Oh Edwin, my dearest friend, I have no idea what you speak of.." He points a finger at her. "The Hell you do, you venomous woman, the scrolls, I know you still have them. (made it to Thay before I realized I never got them back)." He had a very bad habit of talking under his breath, with her ears, she always caught his side remarks.

She holds out her hand to calm him. He had more or less been a part of the party, off and on. That was until he was changed back from being a woman, he decided to go home after that. "My friend, I promise you, I don't have the Nether Scrolls, I made sure it was put away, for farther study.." He crossed his arms, he came a very long way to find her, he wasn't going to buy this by a long shot. After all he was far to smart for that. Trunks had been watching the whole thing, unsure of just what their relationship to one another was.

Deep down he still didn't know much, but as far as she told him, there had only one person she had cared about, Edwin was not one of them. Bulma walks up and smiles warmly. "So this is one of your friends, why don't you relax and join us?" He blinks as he looks up at the ever large gathering as he turns his head. "You always have a way of gathering the strangest of companions..." She gives him a shrug as she places her arm on his back. "You have no idea, come on, after what you went through, you need to relax."

She was never going to let that go as he huffs at her. However, watching these two, made this all to perfect. Jamie smiles, if the girl Trunks liked so much was spoken for, it would be all the easier for him to rope him in. "Oh don't pout, you're to cute to pout." She pinches his cheek and he smacks her hand. "I swear, I will blast you back into the depths of Hell itself." "Been there, done that, I don't honestly have a fear of it anymore." He rolls his eyes, it wasn't fair, he had nothing on her anymore. Her ear flicks again as she turns her head. That same sickly scent as she sees Jamie walking up.

Trunks was not in the mood for this as she just holds up her hands. "Relax, I just came to talk." He didn't want to hear it, not now. "After what you did, I don't need to hear a thing." She keeps her smile however, ignoring everyone else around her. Even Vegeta had a hard time not wanting to strangle this woman for what she almost did. "I didn't do a thing, you're the one that drank to much, not my fault you started something than ran out in a huff.." He could feel his fist tighten. "Now now, that's no way to treat the mother of your child is it?"

He stopped dead in his tracks. "W-what?!" She keeps her smile, showing him the test. "You poor thing, you still don't remember much do you, it's okay, I do." His head was still a blur from that night, but deep down, he already knew, this was not his child. "No..I don't remember, because YOU drugged me, it's not mine and you want to know how I know, because I never told you, I'm not all human, I'm half Saiyan." He didn't stop there as he started to stand up to her. "This..if you are telling the truth, it's not mine. If we..if you...really went through with it, I would know, the part of me that makes me Saiyan would know."

She was dead silent for once, wondering if the poor guy finally lost it. "Trunks..." "No, enough, you've done NOTHING but make my life hell, and what's worse you're dragging an innocent child into this. I don't know who you've been with, but when this kid is born, without a tail that enough will prove it's not mine, you need to leave, now." She did not see this playing out the way she did. "So what, you can date her?!" She points to Sara and she blinks, wondering how she came into this fight.

"She doesn't love you like I do. Look at her hanging all over someone else, right in front of you." Sara lets go of Edwin and walks over to her, tempted to give her a good smack across the face. ", Jamie, you know nothing about me, I've known Edwin, only for a few months, and I respect his use of magic as much as he respects me, even if he tries to steal my spells." She narrows her eyes at him and he looks the other way. "I've only seen you a few times and you are by far the worst person I've had the displeasure of coming across, and most people that I can't stand, don't tend to live for long."

She leans in, as Jamie took a quick step back, quickly becoming intimidated. "And trust me my dear, I've got a long list of people that have crossed me that aren't exactly breathing anymore. But all that aside, at least I can be honest, I've done things no person really should be forced to do, and you standing here, you really want to go this route, after everything you've done. If you really loved him you think putting him through this is fair?" Jamie goes silent, and soon breaks down. Trunks lets out a low sigh, walking up to her.

"I'm...sorry, you felt you had to go through all this, but I ended things with you, for a reason, you let those girls get into your head, instead of standing up to them. Look at you, you used to be a bright, beautiful young woman, and the only thing you care about now is getting your own way. You need, to stop and rethink your life." She takes a slow pained breath before she nods and walks away. Even Trunks felt, lighter now as he closed his eyes. A part of him felt bad, but deep down, she made her own path, and she was stuck with it.