Chapter 24:

The last part of her story was a touch, darker. Things had gotten so out of hand it was almost a blur still. "So with little warning, we were dragged, to a..pocket of sorts, I guess it's hard to explain, but we learned a bit from this creature called Solar. I believe she's a type of angle like Whis is, but higher up. At any rate, we bumped into good old Sarevok again, wanting to be brought back to life. Sounds insane, but he did know more about what was going on so, Sid found a way to bring him back.." It still surprised her how much he changed in a short amount of time. "Err guess that's hard to explain as well."

She was done eating as well as everyone else but Bulma didn't want to miss anything so she didn't bother to clean off the table. Not yet anyways. "So our first advise, was to take down five of the strongest 'children' that posed a threat to those around them. The first was Gromnir, he was...easy. He trapped himself in his little hole in Saradush. Once he was killed we were out, we had to go find Yaga Shura, found him, as he took down Saradush...I don't think anyone survived, but they were all casualties to the whole 'war' for the Throne so to speak." She gives them a small shrug, trying her best to keep this as simple as she could.

"Now keep in mind, all the information we were getting, about these people, was a woman named Melissan. Now we had no idea how she played into all of this, so it was really the only information we had to go on. So she pointed the way to the last of the remaining Bhaalspawn, Sendai, who was a drow, and Abazigal, who was the blue dragon I told you about. The last we learned about was Balthazar and he was...hard to deal with." She takes a minute, no one had said a word, but from what she could tell, they were still listening.

"Now back to Melissan, turns out, she was really a priestess, that was devoted to Bhaal, while he was well dead it was up to her to bring him back. So as each person died, their essences would go straight to her, making her stronger, so she decided to keep the power to herself and turn herself into the new Lady of Murder, that ended in failure. In the end, Sid as well as Imoen were able to give up the part of them that made them..Gods so to speak and just live as normal mortals, the Throne was destroyed and here I am, about two years later, telling this story to a bunch of people who now think I'm crazy." Bulma could only shake her head. "Oh no dear, it's just...what a story..."

"Aye a bit crazy, trust me, I didn't see it ending that way either. Honestly, I'm just glad it's over, I can't imagine the damage it could have caused if we didn't stop those people from their plans..." Bulma just rocks back before rising to finally clean the table. Bulla joins her as Vegeta keeps his gaze on her. "How many people died in that city?" She gave him a shrug. "A lot, apparently Bhaal got around..still creeps me out to learn he got down with a dragon of all things.." She shudders at the thought. Vegeta just nods as he turns his head. He knew Trunks had been there the whole time.

"Good, you're up, both of you, you'll both be training." Trunks blinks as he looks up. "But dad.." "No buts, no son of mine will get lazy, you'll be a good training partner since we need to find a way for her to better understand how to use ki, the more the better." Trunks lets out a low sigh, but he honestly had nothing better to do. "Alright, but I'm not going to pick a fight with her, I like to be in one piece." Sara just smiles warmly as she stands. "Aww come now, I'm not that dangerous, besides if you annoy me to much an hour or so lost in the magical maze will set you right." "Moooom!" "No trapping people in magical mazes."

Sara snaps her fingers as she heads for the gravity room. Vegeta just watches as Trunks gets up and goes along as well. He smirks to himself as he turns to Bulma. No one was watching so he leans in and kisses her neck. "Later." She shivers and blinks, he was gone so fast. "That's not fair!!!" Bulla just blinks, wondering what she had missed. For now, Vegeta would let Trunks handle Sara's training. Vegeta had never been the type to really hold back, and having to teach someone might be a good experience for the boy. After all she seemed to be understanding it better bit by bit.

Trunks wanted to focus on helping her with her physical strength. After all she needed to relearn how to fight without always having to rely on her magic, or a weapon. However she did know how to use her magic when fighting. It was rather simple, to use something that would make her faster, or made her skin tougher. Still the point was to not use magic and rely on her own strength in order to protect herself. Trunks wasn't used to taking it easy, but he found it wasn't to bad. Keeping the gravity low enough so she could still move made it easier on him to train her.

This would continue, for the next two days. Allowing Vegeta some free time to do as he pleased. However he was in a bitter mood when he learned that Bulma was setting up one of her parties soon. It had been so long since they had seen everyone, the only way to get everyone together now a days was to throw a party. Vegeta still wasn't much of a people person, but if it meant some sparing match with Kakarott, he couldn't complain. Plus the food was always good, Bulma always went out of her way to only get the best for her closest friends.

By day three Bulma had everything set up the backyard for the party and Sara had never seen so much food laid out. Though she found herself staying back where Vegeta, deep down she didn't know what to make of these people. She had changed out of her training gear for one of robes, feeling a bitter in something more familiar. She watched, as several people seemed to arrive, some she knew already like 18, Videl, and Chi-chi, Yamcha was the other she knew, but other than that, she had no idea Bulma knew so many people. She saw Goku had arrived and gives him a nod

Vegeta didn't mind having her around. He just leaned back as he crossed his arms, watching as the others started to gather and talk, catching up with one another. Also there was Pan, Goku's granddaughter, Gohan and of course Goten. So many people she just watched. Also watching, just outside the compound was Jamie. She had taken a home pregnancy test and sure enough her little rump with the theater stranger left her with a kid. Trunks didn't know that however. She was finally going to get what she wanted, and no one would be able to stop her.