I got into an argument on the internet the other day over something ridiculous and had to step back.. Wait, why do they matter? I guess that offended them so they started the "I'm a keyboard warrior" bullsh*t and it made me laugh.. I've said this once before and I'll say it again.. If my thoughts and opinions bother you, I'm more then willing to send you my address so you can come out onto my land and tell me whats up.. But no, they wont.. They'll cower and make up excuses to make themselves feel better about being a little b*tch.. I'll admit it, I used to be afraid to fight others.. I mean, why go threw the headache of getting sued or executed for stabbing a fake fat f*ck (I love saying that because most of merica is fat, get it, teehee)?? The government is what I've been afraid of.. I know what they're capable of and I'm not stupid enough to lie to myself like the rest of you.. They've won, I mean look around.. Everyone, hates something, for something they put in your head... I digress.... I guess that's another thing I'll never understand about humans.. Lotta talk, no walk.... Well, I think I'll go for a walk down to the pond... YATTIR!!!!