Should I open an Art Shop?

I remember having an art shop on here that made things pretty fun. I got to see a lot of styles and meet a lot of people. I was never very popular but it got me by since there weren't games and many other ways to make gold.

Should I bother? I see so many shops dishing out very polished work, I wonder if I would even get any takers.

I used to have a shop that offered digital and traditional. I wonder if anyone would even be interested in traditional watercolor/gouache...

It started simple but people wanted more options so I remember organizing it as:

[1] Pick a Medium: Digital, Traditional

[2] Pick Color, Black and White, or Other (custom something or other)

[3] Pick a Style: sketch, sketch color, fine outline, fine outline color

[4] Pick a Portrait: head-shot, bust, torso, full body

[5] Additional stuff: +Background (simple/detailed), +Person/animal/etc, custom request

And it worked really well. I also did bargaining since I was questing for items. When gold inflated people tipped nicely...I don't remember any downsides. I had a queue of 5-10 spaces which was almost always full. I'd try to empty it by the end of the month. I got friend involved and we had three artists and one manager/helper so we were constantly open.

Then life happened lol. I don't expect it to be like that but having a small store has its appeal. I can also draw something different. I'll lurk for now and see how I feel. I got a lot going on irl atm 3nodding