-bought Thai Express for lunch yet again
-semi-excited for the Lambda Frosh social tonight
-Procrastinating for Linear Algebra again, of course. Though after reading a bit of the textbook, I think I have a better idea of columnspace, rowspace and nullspace?
-Got an ESP meeting in like, 23 minutes. I'll probably start organizing a task list ?? ??

-Lab was so fun lmao with BC Mech, Tiny Mech, Humanity Mech. Basically playing with plastic/styrofoam/metal balls to form the crystal structures XD

Post Lambda ice cream trip:
I got to SF and just went upstairs to look at my midterm scores, 89%!! I went to the pit after and talked to the clarinet dude about Linear Algebra textbooks and school and random things for a bit. Walked to the ice cream place, basically talked to clarinet-senpai the entire time :^) About orchestra and classes and just random things, was great.
-Ice cream, since it was cash only my mech head leader bought me (and the clarinet dude lmao) ice cream ;----; it was really good ice cream!! and the frosh and leaders sat and talked about drama and class
>>"What should we talk about?"
>>Clarinet senpai brings up hitman from last time, attacking Ray XD
>>I mention I have yet another human to kill, Head leader and clarinet senpai stalk him on facebook, also threaten to kill him lmao
(I love my leaders)
Walked back, also mostly talking to clarinet senpai (everyone else walks so slow).
-Incident with the brief rainstorm, VERY TALL UMBRELLA
-He was hungry so I went to get noodles with him, even though I was super full. Gyoza was like, okay.
Got some good pictures out of the night, though. Pretty satisfied.
Ah, 'twas a good day.