May exams but i keep getting distracted by want to sleep :'( I bought FNAF books for Zoe for her birthday, she happy biggrin We watched din yung Equestria Girls with Mami so masaya, + may super sarap na cheesecake!!

Sa Nov 13-17 no class because of ASEAN stuff, so I guess the sem is extended :'( I went to Komiket pala, it was really cool and support local artists and whatnot. Naka 2k ako hahahuhu but I bought lotsa comics and stickers and a Hanzo print (my first print ever bought, he bae now) and an amigurumi (?) of a cactus. I wanna learn, but bbusy with aral lagi :'( Pasa naman 1st shifting grades pala, so yay!! Sana tutuloy-tuloy hahahuhu