Chapter 4:

While Trunks took some time to figure out her weapon, Vegeta of all people, moved in. "Tell me more of this..'magic' crap Whis was talking about." Sara turns to him, looking him over. He looked, strong, dark eyes, dark spiky hair, and one hell of a stare. "Well it depends on what you want to know, magic, for the most part is different from place to place, back home it's mostly divided into different categories." Vegeta just kept his gaze on her, still listening. "Alright then, well there's Illusion, spells that alter perception, such as Invisibility and Charm. Conjuration, spells that summon creatures and equipment from other worlds, such as Bound Items and Summon. Alteration, spells that manipulate the laws of nature, such as Water Breathing and Levitation. Destruction, spells that cause physical harm, such as Fire Damage or any other element. Mysticism, spells that shape and focus ethereal forces, such as Telekinesis and Soultrap. And lastly Restoration, spells that heal, such as Restore Health and Cure Common Disease. Never really been good with the healing spells."

Vegeta just raises his brow at her as she goes through all of this and she gives him a shrug. "To be fair, I only learned I could use magic when I was about, fifteen or so, I learned how to fight first and would you stop that..." Trunks blinks a bit, still swinging the sword around and he hands it back to her, head down. She yanks it away and shoves it back into her bag. "I'd show you, but I used most of what I know over the last few days, I don't think I got anything left." She looks up as Bulma returns and smiles at them. "Dinner is ready, come on." Sara blinks as she just comes out of nowhere and guides her inside.

Sara rubs the side of her head as she turns to Trunks. "She always like this?" "Yeah, my mom welcomes just about anyone." Sara felt her ear twitch as she looks the blue haired woman over. "Hard to believe she's old enough to have a offence ma'am." Bulma felt herself blush a bit. "Oh no please, thank you, that's very kind of you.." Vegeta rolls his eyes a bit but he couldn't help but smirk at how happy she was. Sara never realized just how hungry she was, until she saw the large spread of food on the table. "That's a lot of food." Bulma shrugs as Vegeta just goes to sit down. "Trust me, between my husband and son, it won't last." "And I thought I ate a lot..."

For once it was rather nice to not have to worry about table manners. Vegeta didn't really seem to care much, he just grabbed whatever and ate so she followed suit, she was starving. Bulma didn't seem to mind, living with a Saiyan for countless years made her used to this sort of thing. After diner Bulma showed Sara the kitchen and she looks everything over. The stove, the refrigerator, she had never seen anything like it. She was more impressed with a stove that just turned on, rather than use fire. Her tail wags a bit as she sits there, watching it work. Bulma just kind of watches her in return.

"So that's really attached to you?" Bulma was used to seeing Saiyans with a tail, but nothing like this as Sara turns her head. "Oh..yeah, not sure why I can't seem to get the damn thing to go away, I know why my ears show." She reaches up and rubs her large ear. "I was, you know human once until I was bit by some psycho, turns out he was going crazy from the Sanies Lupinus diseases, the disease that spreads the werewolf virus, and three days later, I figured it out the hard way." She shakes her head a bit. "It was a bit odd at first, but I learned how to handle it, it had some positive effects over the years."

Bulma looks her over, taking it all in. "Never met a werewolf, guess not everything you read is true." Sara nods as she crosses her arms. "It's the same with vampires, though it is true they are weak to fire...hehehe...damn things are annoying as all Hell." Bulma jumps back a bit, placing her hand over her heart. "Those a real?" "Where I'm from, yes ma'am." "You don't have to call me ma'am you know, my name is Bulma, also that's Vegeta, you already met Trunks, and my youngest daughter Bulla." Sara bows her head. "Sorry, military and such, its always yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir no sir." She could only shrug. "So many years later, you just can't fight it, you know?"

Bulma keeps her eyes on the girl, her dark hair was a bit long, and a bit misplaced. Dark blue eyes, tanned skin and looked rather young. "You can't be to old yourself, my son just turned twenty-seven." Sara had to think about it for a moment. "I might be wrong, but I think I'm thirty-one...maybe, I don't remember my birthday anymore and I don't think it really matters anymore." Vegeta gets up as he walks past them slightly. "Finally someone gets it, this woman has been trying for years to spill my birthday, she still doesn't know." Sara chuckles a bit. "I've never been one for parties, but like I said somewhere over the years I just sort of forgot about it."

Bulma frowns deeply and lets out a sigh. "How could someone forget, wouldn't your parents remember?" Sara jumps a bit and gives her an odd smile. "Oh I'm sure, but my folks have been gone since I was young, I was mostly raised by the fighters guild until I was old enough to properly join." Bulma covers her mouth, feeling bad for bringing it up as Sara waves her arms. "Don't you worry about it, you didn't know and to be fair I don't remember them all to well." Trunks felt rather bad for the woman, but she didn't seem to depressed about it. "Alright, well I think that's enough excitement for one day." Bulma looks up at her and smiles. "I'm sure you'd like to get some sleep."

Sara just kind of stares off for a moment. "I uh..don't sleep, well much thanks to my years of playing night watch, it turned into insomnia and, yeah." Her ears fold to the side a bit. "But I won't hurt to relax at least." Bulma just pats her back and leads her to the guest room. Trunks watches as Vegeta glances at him. Saiyan blood was an interesting thing, as a born warrior it was in their blood to look for opponents stronger than them. It also went with their taste in women, Bulma's fiery spirit is what attracted him to her. Vegeta says nothing about it, it wasn't his businesses who his son dated. Bulla would be a different story however.

For now Bulma showed Sara to her room for the moment and she went right for the large window that faced the large skyline of West City. "So many lights...what's out there?" Bulma joins her and looks outside. "Oh that's the city, I guess I got used to the lights after a while." "Just how big is this place?" "Big, and it doesn't stop here, trust me, there's tons a places to see around here, I used to travel myself when I was younger." Sara turns to the woman next to her. She seemed, happy with how things turned out for her. "I like staying on the move, I don't really have much of a reason to return home." Bulma pats her back again and soon heads out of the room to let her relax for the rest of the night.