We could be a truly free and beautiful family. ...
We could come together and praise the true king,..
We could try our best to do what's right yes if we at least tried we could do anything. ..

I love my family is love those people who share the same blood as me, I don't know why God gave me so much family but might am grateful for the family I have have and the memories we shared

Even if the portrait is not very nice right now right now I just want to think about the good things and memories that I hold close to my heart concerning my family watching planes take off eating dinner in the middle of a park cleaning up all the time as if it was a game

Hearing my beautiful mother sing and seeing my siblings do silly things I thank God for giving me a family even though right now things are very rough. I thank God for saving my family and im sorry for not being as grateful before.

No evil can come against my real family especially the ones up above.