It was night time and Batgirl was on her nightly rounds of the city. There had been some tips about (Villian's name) starting up something new in the lower mid town. Batman had wanted to check on these so called tips but not to engage with him unless (Villian's name) starts it.If the tips and rumors are true, they want to n** it in the bud before (Villian's name) could get too involved in it. Barbara made her way silently and stealthily to the warehouse that they were told about. The warehouse had some skylights and she moved across the roof to reach the nearest one. She looked down into the warehouse and did see (Villian's name) there. She pulled away from the window and was about to send word that he was there but then heard some noise. She stayed still on the roof and glance around but didn't see anything right of from where she was.

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