{A DBZ Super fanfic. Mostly ignores the whole Black arc, because we can all agree it was a touch pointless, despite that it was rather interesting. Still no answers as to why future Trunks has blue hair. >> Just a middle finger I guess, but this story takes place many years after the tournament of power. As you know I do not own any characters owned by Toei Animation, Fuji TV, Funimation, and Akira Toriyama. Anything added in is either of my own creation or borrowed from another source. Such as dealing with anything from the good people of Wizards of the Coast. Support it all ladies and gents}

Chapter 1:

The planet Earth had faced many dangers over the years. Between the evil Emperor Pilaf, The Red Ribbon army, the once evil King Piccolo one hero always stood before them. While many still blamed Goku for the tournament of power, his friends understood after a while if it hadn't been for the tournament, their whole Universe could have been erased. Twelve years have passed since then and not much had change for the heroes of Earth. Most of the fighters continued their training just in case something came up. Once such fighter was Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyan race. His life had changed greatly since his coming to Earth. Now he was training with one of the strongest creatures alive, the current God of Destruction Beerus.

For once, Vegeta was at home, the large building that housed not only the Capsule Corporation but his family as well. Not to far was his older son Trunks, who was watching the match with interest. Sitting under a large picnic umbrella was his wife Bulma and next to her was their daughter Bulla. Also with them was Whis, who was just enjoying a rather large bowl of ice cream Bulma had made for him. Little did they know that in another Universe, another fight was taking place. A group of brave adventures had been fighting long and hard, fighting shadow like demons as well as their evil puppet master. This did not stop the party of six and at last they killed the evil they had been after. The fight was in a strange void of space, home to a glowing pillar of energy, stolen from those that died. Melissan was the woman's name and she had failed to take the essence of the once God of Murder. A young man, Sid was the last who held the Gods taint and his choice laid before him.

As the last of the Bhaalspawn, it was up to him now on whether or not he would stay a mortal, or because the new God of Murder. His closest friends at his side, tried, and bloody from the fight. They had been by his side through all of this, his sister Imoen, his trusted mentor and now lover Jaheira, the once unsure knight Anomen. On his other side was his once enemy, now turned ally Sarevok, and his ever closest friend Sara, who just smiled at him. They had all been through hell with him. (Quiet literally) To just see this come to a end once in for all. Sid didn't need to hear what they had to say as he turned to the Solar, telling her that he wished to stay a mortal.

The young fighter was now a free man as they were returned to the large palace they had once been in. The floor was still covered in blood from their fight with Balthazar. Sid almost falls over as his sister jumps into his arms and hugs him tight. He just laughs as he hugs her just as tightly. It was over, it was finally over, all the hell they had gone through, was at a end. Most of them were just happy they could at least go back to a normal life. At least as normal as it got for a group of adventurers. Sid laughs as he ruffles his sisters pink hair. "So what's the plan now?"

Sarevok shrugs as he stands there, rather neutral to any choice that was made. "I would like to continue traveling with you, that is, if you allow it." Sid gives his once half brother a nod. "That's fine, I do promise to warn you if we get close to Baldur's Gate." The earned him a glare, but nothing else. Jaheira of course would go wherever Sid went after they had gotten closer over the time they had been together so he turns to Anomen. The young knight had gone through a lot to get where he was. "I must return to the Order, my duty now is with my fellow knights..." Sid could understand that as he turns to his last friend.

The young mage was a bit rough for wear, her robes torn from the fight as she keeps her eyes on her friend. "Ah you know me, things to do, people to answer to, and boy do I have a lot of explaining to do...." He laughs as he comes in and hugs her as well. He felt guilty for the treatment she had gotten since she had joined the young man on his quest. She didn't hold a grudge however as she lets him go, her smile never faded, though she did have to wipe away a tear. "Stay safe my friend, someday, we'll meet again." She takes a slow breath as she opens a portal that would take her home and in a blink of an eye, she was gone.

Anomen watched her go before looking down. The only woman he had even fallen in love with, and she was gone. He had no one to blame but himself for pushing her away like he had done. She was gone now, and nothing would ever change that. He could only tighten his grip on his mace and walk out of the place to the long road that would lead him home. As for Sara, she ran into a small problem trying to find her way home. Thing was she had lost her original spell that would take her home so she had to find a different way. Maybe using the dimensional door when she had never used it before, was a bad idea. The City of Doors was, well a vast empty space of endless doors that lead to different lands.

She had no idea which door would lead her home and poking her head in, either lead her somewhere she didn't need to be, or face to face with a very unhappy creature that called this place home. She was quickly becoming tired and falling asleep here would be a very bad idea so she gave up halfway through and picked a door that looked like it lead her somewhere normal. She went through, not really knowing where it would take her but at this point it didn't really matter. Little did she know she would find herself in the middle of a different fight.

It came as quite the surprise as some strange woman just came out of nowhere, it surprised Beerus so much that he didn't see Vegeta come in and got him good on the side of his face. They both stopped however as she looks at the both of them, unsure if she should get ready to run for it. Until she remember she had used a good amount of her magic over the last two days and using the door tapped her out. Vegeta wasn't sure what to make of this, but after countless years of Kakarott just popping out of nowhere, he was more used to this. "Where did you come from girl?" She looks behind her and soon shrugs, she was fairly tall, taller than him at least, with long dark hair and what looked like a large pair of ears on her head, as well as a tail.

"Well I was trying to go home, but, maybe using something I never had before was a bad idea...where am I?" It was a huge place, far larger than anything she's ever seen. Plus everything else was a bit overwhelming. However Whis looks up and blinks before getting up and walking over to her. "Mmm, this might be a silly question, but, your name, it wouldn't happen to be Sara, would it?" She blinks up at the strange guy and nods at him. "That's me...but how do you know my name?" He looked shocked and even Beerus crossed his arms, wanting an explanation. "All our kind know who you are, you're the one that killed Diablo, as well as his brothers...no mortal, has ever done what you have, so of course we know about it."

She gives it some thought before she felt her ear flick. "You're an angel?" Whis gives her a nod. "We were rather impressed, not many people could go up against one of the most powerful demons ever known.." "Twice, but...eh that wasn't my fault...I'm...kind of surprised, I had no idea it was public knowledge..." Whis just smiles as he turns to the others who didn't seem to have any idea what was going on. "Perhaps you could tell us, personally I would love to hear what really happened." She gives it some thought and shrugs, she wouldn't be able to go home at this rate anyways.