First off, many of us are experiencing Aries Uranus in our Seventh Houses, so even if we predict what will happen accurately, it will still somehow be shocking/surprising.


So, some people are going to end up in shotgun marriages.
Whether it's real, in a video game, or in RP. Maybe even all three might happen for all we know.

And, some people are going to marry for fun, sex, and/or creativity (one might be the other's muse). Again, it could be real, in a game, or in RP.

And, some are just going to ally on a video game system. Maybe an Xbox. Maybe a Switch. Maybe a 3DS/2DS. I repeat, it could be real, in a game, or in RP.

Whichever it is, it's an x-partner of some kind returned from the dead.

Communication devices are more likely to be involved in whatever happens: phone, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, 2DS, etc.

That's right. I included non-romantic possibilities. Because not everyone will be coupling from this.

Guess what.
No matter how it manifests, someone's father, and/or government, and/or boss is the cause of the partnership.
And, no matter what kind of partnership it is, you might break up later from Juno Conjunct Pluto, or be broken up by a father, government, and/or boss.
If it doesn't break up, it could be a break up for your sibling, or neighbor instead. Or, it could be that it's thought that the relationship is killing someone's father, boss, or government.

If you break up... It might not be over yet.
For some of us, the shocking/surprising ex(es) are prone to return after a break up, for example. If you expect it, though, it likely won't occur, or it will occur in a shocking/surprising way.