Flute's silver heels click against the sparkling marble floors as she spins, twirls, and gazes in awe at the magnificent Christmas tree in the centre of the room. Multicoloured lights hug the fir, and glass ornaments rest on its branches. Pristine white ribbons string amongst the walls and shining wreaths perch atop windowsills. Everything was... perfect.

Her fellow students file in after her, awestruck and amazed. She chuckles quietly as the Strings immediately rush to the tree to take a selfie. The Brass run for the snacks, and the Voices and Grandes chatter amongst themselves, spreading out in the large ballroom.

In the mood of the Christmas spirit, a stunning rendition of the Waltz of the Flowers filters into the room.

Flute twirls again, enjoying the flow of her comfortable black performance dress and the beat of one of her favourite pieces.

"I could play this better," Violin scoffs, playing with her cup of punch. Viola rolls her eyes and smiles at Flute as she dances by.

She steps past Bassoon and Saxophone, who had their eyes closed in bliss.

"I thought you didn't like classical music," she teases Saxophone, poking him gently in the side.

"I... probably couldn't play this clarinet part," Saxophone admits shyly.

Flute moves onwards, smiling and waving at her classmates, bandmates, fellow orchestra and choir members. She hums her accompanying part quietly to herself as the music flows. Lost in the music, she almost doesn't notice walking into another figure.

Clarinet smiles. "You should watch where you're going,"

Flute blushes. "I guess the view is better this way," she teases.

As usual, Clarinet's expression barely shifts, but his neck flushes bright pink.

"May I have this dance?" He holds out his hand palm up, just as the entwining melodies of their two instruments flies by in the background.

"Of course."