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                                                          My strings are pulled by... Kaiten Jiron
                                                          You can call me... Ikuto Keiko
                                                          I've lived through... 23
                                                          See me as a... Nekojin
                                                          I can assure you, I am... Male
                                                          I would call myself... Gay
                                                          I tend to be...
                                                          Ikuto is quite reserved in his emotions, as life taught him to never get attached to people. Either they backstab you or turn against you. He wasn't always like that however and if the master manages to win him over he can be quite a good companion and might act possessively over them towards others.
                                                          My tale begins with...
                                                          Ikuto is the firstborn of two Nekojin. Both parents were very strong in their magic abilities, at which account they also react strongly to the gokorei which is a tool to suppress specific demons, Nekojin not excluded. Ikuto was 4 years old when his younger brother Jiro was born. Ikuto has been doting on Jiro from the start. He helped in everything that included the little Jiro, even up to demanding to be allowed to help clean him up and dress him. After a few years he became so good at it that their parents left care taking fully in Ikuto's hands and only focused on raising the two boys well. Unlike their parents both children seemed to have been skipped in their magical abilities however, so they were to be trained as hunters instead. Ikuto was 8 years old when his training started. Of course this meant he couldn't take care of Jiro as much as he had, but he would first thing when he got back home from training again. The nekojin's training focused around wielding a bow and a sword. As he got a little older and discovered his traits at a relatively early age, the training was expanded to include helping Ikuto to control his demonic traits that allow him to turn, allowing both his claws and fangs to grow longer and sharper.

                                                          This close-knit, almost idealistic family wasn't to least however. After four years of the start of his training, the village came under attack. Somehow people had discovered where the tribe was hiding and they soon mounted an attack to remove the tribe from the planet, under the misconception that all demons would plot to destroy the humans. Since they knew they made no chance as general humans they had brought all sorts of machines and weapons that were unknown to the hidden tribe and simple life. The parents, being the spiritual leaders of the tribe ordered Ikuto to grab Jiro and run. Not wanting to disobey his parents, Ikuto took a hold of his brother's hand and dragged him away from the fighting. Once they had stopped in a calmer place, Ikuto had knelt by Jiro and given him his necklace, the symbol of the firstborn 'for safekeeping' with the promise that he would be back. Ikuto relayed their parents' information to the young boy to regroup at the harbor once the fight died down and left to go back and help the village. He was trained for fighting after all, it felt wrong to run like a coward.

                                                          By the time Ikuto returned to the tribe though, the entire village was already ablaze and most members had been slain on the spot. Ikuto had no choice but to run once more when he realized the group was after him now and instead of leading them to their meeting place where he sent his little brother, Ikuto led the enemies the opposite direction. Unfortunately he took a wrong step and fell down a high platform where he was later found by people that were passing through the forest. The attackers, assuming there was no way he survived the fall, presumed him dead and they left. By the time the feline was in a state to go anywhere else, several days had already passed and he didn't find his brother at the harbor. Ikuto was in the care of the people that found him for several years, where he honed his skills and left when he was of age. Deep inside he had never given up hope about Jiro at least, but with no idea where to start he was looking at an immense task to find him. As he grew older, so did his hope to find Jiro alive fade as well and by the time he was 20 he had started a life of his own, though his family never left his mind.

                                                          After some more years he accepted the fact he would have to realize that the chance of finding the boy was nihil. But it was then that a turn came in the case as well. One night he received a video call from someone he never met before, claiming they knew where his brother could be found, alive and well. Skeptic to this, Ikuto demanded to see proof of this statement before he would allow himself to hope once more, about to break the connection when he stopped when the man on the other side held up the very same necklace he had put around the little boy's neck all those years ago. The young man was so happy to see a sign that his brother was still out there he took the man's word for it and agreed to meet at the very same harbor he was to meet Jiro after the fight and was given the necklace back. It was unmistakably his. From there he followed the stranger to where he was told he could meet his brother but they had different designs on him than he understood. Once they were out of earshot and sight of passersby he was suddenly jumped upon by a group of men, all wearing the same uniform. Realizing he had been tricked, Ikuto immediately turned and started fighting the people. He managed to take a few down, some for good, but in the end the advantage of the majority won. Ikuto, to tired to keep fighting them off was captured much like his brother and collared before thrown into a cage.
                                                          My collar is...
                                                          Red: Rebellious
                                                          Black: violent
                                                          Not so much violent as in he has a temper which is easily triggered, especially when it is about his last remaining family member: his little brother.
                                                          Purple: Protective
                                                          However not from the start. Yet it stands to note that if he cares about someone he is highly protective of them.

                                                          Shield: Guardian.
                                                          If he cares enough about the other person he will gladly guard them.
                                                          Doll: Toy
                                                          Give me a... No preference, but they may want to be made of sturdy material. Ikuto will not submit to the life of a slave easily.
                                                          I belong to... Nathaniel Graves