no no no... it's what my friend mention on me.
frankly I've always die & many time reborn.. LOL

sadly no one want to get hurt like I do...
in order to know yours, I even kill myself many times. Not only 1 & you never notice. you only know me as stupid people who stroll around but you never know my eyes see everything & clearly tell what's going on, but you all changing everything with the fact, put bad mark points into people, start make calamity & then walk as those things never happen... so. HUMAN only like to blame others people. in my point of view, everyone has fault but no point to take blame on them & let them learn their own shxt!
they know which answer right for them because they have mindset & smart brain right? ( that's why I hate to get along with stubborn. but it's their problem... mostly after they realize what i say right they told me sorry but too late for me after see you get problem.. you make me cry. but i still help you out & hide everything. )

in the end...No point to help, right? even I try, they only see me as betrayal.
( cause in basic of friendship method, you need to keep support your friend no matter what & if you disagree, they start to hate you & cut off all of the relationship with you. )

however thank you~ sadly you never know I always cry or accidentally you see me on bad side mode most of time. I am happy to know these all happen is prove to see who people can stand with me & stay true & being realistic.

and my good friend in real life always tell me " you are the human who always dig up your own grave & wake up on your own grave most of time."
sadly true, but no point after know... I mean... yes, no point after what's going on & know the fact.
life is not about HATE people... Life about survive, even you have to work with the most evil person you ever meet.
I learn this after work with greedy people for 7 years for now. I do not need to waste times after know which people who makes disaster on there.. simply I want to see how far your arrogant can lasting?