Dwight: Who are you? Why now and whats the mutant up rising?

Sampson: My name is Sampson West you may call me Sam. Now is the time for you to get to know the powers, that are evolving inside you. There's a group of us mutants know as the X-Humans that hate human kind and are recruiting for a war. We need someone like you to help us beat them and save the world from annihilation.

Dwight: Sorry but no. This sounds silly. I know I have mutant power but a war yeah right. Plus if i throw my hat in then I've set my self up for be called out as a mutant. I'd rather lay under the radar. I am a thief you know.

10 years Later

Dwight: eight years later who would have thought that there would be a war of that magnitude. two years after that Here I am trying to stay alive most humans get on executed on the spot. I kinda wish I had joined that laddies team and fought the X-humans.