A new design -gasps!- Yes, it has been forever but I just started going back to redoing my journal to include all the pics again. (Since Photobucket got greedy about sharing them, I moved the whole library of images. Soon, I will have each look's items listed as well. So yes, as far as my journal is concerned, I have been slightly busy with it.) Now the update, my latest creation. I love and adore marionette/hatter items.
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Items to get this look:

Astra: Autumn Waltz User Image
Fall Adorkable Bea User Image
Secret Character H User Image
Titian Marionette Restrung User Image
Pumpkin Lala Lolly User Image
Lovely Peppermint Lady Lucie User Image
Margot Hatter User Image
Dearest Rosette User Image
Nagashi Admirer User Image