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Avary (Unfinished Profile)
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►Basic Data◄

Name: Avary
Birthday: "I do not know. It was a long time ago and a.. Stressful day."
Age: Appears - Somewhere between ten and twelve. Actual age - Somewhere over 2500 years.

Height: 4'5"
Weight: 84.5 lb
Build: Small and petite
Hair colour: Ice white
Eye colour: Light steel blue
Anything unusual: Supposedly, their fire can effect the atmosphere and change the weather. Other than that, they look like a child, which is definitely odd for a pokemon of their age.
Body mods: Nothing

What to they usually wear?: They normally wear a sleeveless dress with a pleated skirt, gloves, thigh high stockings, and boots. All an icy white and and pale lavender. They also wear a short cape in matching colors, and a headband with two feathery accessories.

Level: (Levels 1 - 15 acceptable. Anything higher must ask permission)
XP: {leave blank}
Type: Dragon/fire
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Turboblaze
Years of training: "I am not sure of an exact number of years..."

★ Blue Flare
★ Fusion Flare
★ Ancient Power
★ Outrage


Personality: They are a very analytical and straightforward person. They do not skip steps nor attempt to rush, even under dire circumstances. Preferring to keep quiet and observe before taking action, they are not prone to making rash choices in fits of emotion. In fact, many would say that they seem almost emotionless in their behavior. They deal in facts, plain and simple, and are not one to tell lies or try to disguise their intentions. While they may not speak often or say much, they do speak with a kind of intensity that can often be intimidating to others. This is also shown in their eyes. They are... Completely capable of staring down just about anyone, usually unintentionally.

There are many times when they seem to be unable to comprehend the emotions of others, which is not really the case. They just do not believe that facts should be sugarcoated to make them easier to bear. They may come across as uncaring, but they normally do not mean to. They can be really quite kind towards people that they like, or at least a little more considerate of them. Under the right circumstances, they could be a decent friend.

Their mind is not one to easily be changed. It might be simpler to try to blow up the sun than make Avary stop thinking something. They are normally fairly understanding, but have strong morals and a belief that some things are just plain wrong. That being said, if they believe someone has done something truly evil, they make an unforgiving and ruthless enemy. When they feel very strongly about something, they may even become enraged, which is very rare.

They may also be occasionally offended when someone calls them a girl for their feminine appearance, but they will not normally do much more than mildly point out their lack of gender. They sometimes also act like the child they appear to be, giving in to curiosity about various matters, or even growing energetic and excitable on occasion. They spend a lot of time in thought about various things.

◇ The truth and honesty
◇ Cooking
◇ Sunset/sunrise
◇ Stories, especially ones that really happened

◆ Liars and misinformation
◆ Cleaning
◆ Conflict

● Falling for a lie
● They would never tell anyone, but they are scared of insects.

Hopes and Dreams:
● They dream of a world filled with truth.
● Failing the first one, they would settle for successfully cooking a complicated dish.

History: Given Avary's lack of a known opinion on the legends surrounding the birth, or perhaps creation, of their entire 'family', one can only speculate about their early life. According to legend, over 2500 years ago, two brothers used a dragon to unite the warring people of Unova, until their differing beliefs led to a conflict between them. Supposedly, this made the dragon split into two new Pokemon, who both picked a different side in the argument and fought until the brothers came to a compromise and decided neither side was right.. Until the brothers' sons restarted it, which led to another battle that destroyed that entire region before they disappeared.

This may or may not sum up Avary's early life. Where they have been and what they have been doing for the past millennia is something that only they know. They were just in time to witness the anger of the other legendaries that nearly destroyed Almia. They were new to this land, but seeing such rage surprised them. There was no obvious reason for it that they could see, but they also chose to stay out of it as much as possible, until everything was over. The cause of this chaos was unknown to them. It created a great deal of confusion, but they also felt a need to find this reason. Mostly due to curiosity. This was a new land to them, a new place that must have new things to learn.

And there was a lot to learn. They had discovered quite a lot during their time alone, but just as much that they were not certain was real or not. Old stories, legends, some rumors that even other legendaries could not confirm to them. This would lead to their new.. Fascination. Finding out if those things were real. They found that settling down to one place didn't really sit well with them, not when there was so much to see, so they took to travelling throughout Almia. Seeing what they could and, eventually investigating some of the stories and rumors they heard. While most proved to be just stories or baseless rumors, it was still fun and gave them an excuse to explore this land. They were always sure to pay the legendary ones who lived permanently in different places they went to their due, to help avoid conflict as much as possible.

This soon changed to them actively seeking out more dangerous 'stories'. Usually, there wasn't anything truly serious to them. It still interested them a great deal and appealed to the side of them that still held some wonder to the world. Nearly half a century ago, Avary heard about an odd rumor. People that went to certain places were often never heard from again. There wasn't really much to go on, except what was said by a few people that had been especially careful when going there. They spoke of seeing a Giratina that attacked people that went near. This definitely piqued their interest, as they had never seen a Giratina before. It wasn't long before they resolved to go find out whether these stories were true or not. The nearest place was in a forest, near a large pond.

They traveled to this place in hopes of meeting the Giratina.. And were not disappointed.


Team: N/A (may eventually change)
Family: According to legend, it may be possible that they are related to Zekrom and Kyurem. They neither confirm nor deny this. Aside from that, they have no family to speak of.
Friends: N/A
Romantic interests: They are not currently searching for a partner in that sense.
Enemies: N/A

((If Requiem never finishes Cygnus' profile, I'm going to have to change the bio..))

So, Avary hears about pokemon disappearing in certain places and goes to the nearest one to find out what's going on.. They assume it's somehow all related, due to many similarities, but resolve to investigate every place before committing to that theory. While there, they discover a portal to the Reverse World and Cygnus comes out to fight them... And he loses after what was a long and difficult battle for the both of them... Having found the reason in at least one place, Avary decides to leave and warn others to just stay away until a solution can be found while they go check out those other places... But before they can leave, Cygnus.. Basically tackles them into the Reverse World, which naturally gives him an advantage over them that they realize and which makes them decide to listen to his.. Request that they help him learn to fight better in the normal world.. Not really seeing any other option they agree, after asking about those other places to find out if he's the cause there too. They keep their word, but also decide to stick around some more because he seems quite violent and they want to try to help him well.. Stop being so violent and aggressive towards people that only come near the entrances to the Reverse World... And the two of them sort of become friends? Related to the RP, Avary starts hearing rumors that a Giratina is leading a dark team, but disregards them because they "know"/trust Cygnus and don't think he's capable of that. Like, while they view him as dangerous, they don't think he would do such things?

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