title say it! I want this & that!

in real life I make new target.
Right now I try to built step by step, writing wishlist, & moreover I got 5 items from hundred list I make. and it's not cheap sweatdrop
I even waste my time to do research & more pleasure I got mrgreen
( proud of being single? xd no!! my curiosity tickle my mind! )

to be honest... explore new things for me is like find which can suit my lifestyle (not including people cause I treat them very different than my wishlist things)
it's different when says how you treat items same as how you treat people around you.
NO... I actually very passive when saying about PEOPLE. so... if I start different perhaps I start trust them.

and... honestly.... I start to cry to have less time with people.
But I have to remove my worry so.. I have to struggle to keep myself with my wishlist so I can stay with them more.

NOTE : right now I have to prepare equipment for new fighting stage! xd
Progress : 45% done this month! until end of year hopefully i can make it! smile