you, i met you in a strange location
but i know we'd reach our destination
you had this look that i swear to this day
i found the angel hidden in your face

well you told me your name, and said i was fun
you smiled until your cheeks were as red as the sun
and i remember thinking that maybe, just maybe
i could fall in love with this wonderful lady

i've never thought i'd feel quite this lucky
when everything beforehand's been so mucky
never thought i'd remember this sense of euphoria
when all i need is love, i just go out and look for ya

i'm kicking up my feet a little bit higher
looking at the world just a tiny shade lighter
i owe it all to you, and the rush of emotions
accompanying the feelings from true devotion

now i know we may disagree
and not all your friends are in love with me
and i may think that you're easily mislead
but i promise that i'll love you, you're my best friend