There's nowhere to hide in a world so wide.
I've never lied though God knows I've tried.
These feelings that I've denied; in my veins they still reside.

Stand aside with your filthy pride.
For years I've died while you turned away with a grin so snide
watching as I cried and wished that you had tried.

Though I must confide as a blushing bride
I've stood outside waiting for a seat ringside.
Such sweetness you provide; it's your fault it won't subside.

You may be horrified but rest assured I'm justified.
Tell the world I'm certified; my obsession will only be amplified.

This is certainly suicide; no sanity can be applied.
Don't pretend to be so mortified; your venom only magnified a terror that can't be purified.

Come back to me and I will be satisfied.
Come back to me, and my addiction will be glorified.