You know .... i think Gaia is just that place that I get pissed of and come to and vent because I know no one looks at these things.

Well except that one guy that was an a*****e to me back in the day xD But that was like 10 years ago.

I have a boyfriend now that I'm looking to break it off with. I don't mind doing so. I'm kinda not really considering us to be together right now either. Like I'm just kinda not. :/

It's fine and dandy though. I really do want to be with someone else that actually has their s**t together already.

Topping it all off, I found out he got a handy in my garage from his best friend while me and his friend's wife were sleeping :/ WHILE DATING ME. I kinda think it's about that time. Straight up, just kinda done. He's a lazy ********. Like I legit am only keeping him for the sex, I'm not even that attracted nowadays. I used to think "you know, I do wanna move to the next stage of my life with him" but now.... no...I don't really want to.

I feel like the next stage of my life with him is me owning a house that he lives with me in, about a month or two after getting the house he will lose his job, and will claim he is having a hard time finding anther one, but won't get up early in the morning to go find work and will sleep til noon while I'm out busting my a** at a job I hate.

Worse still that I get pregnant. If I get pregnant then now I have to take care of him and whatever spawn we created, because he won't be taking care of us. That's a level of Nope anyone reading this can't even begin to fathom.

Aside from that. Just sayin' you get upset or distant when I try having fun like drinking or smoking and playing video games/ watching anime. Our types of fun aren't really the same. Your idea of fun is watching youtube and games that I just can't get into. . . .Mine is being adventurous, going on trips, eating great food, smoking great weed, drinking, dancing, photography, porn, and more.

You just want to play games all day and watch monster movies or look at mech anime or talk about D&D etc. BRUH. . . You won't even have a glass of wine with me and snuggle and can't sit down through ONE anime that I like without bitching. :/

This was doomed from the start. I guess maybe and this might sound harsh but I think I only started dating you because I didn't want to lose touch with my best friend because she married your best friend and he was a d**k that liked to isolate.

I saw through it all all those years ago. I just kinda didn't say anything and really do want to move forward. I think I'm going to move away. . . I don't really want to stay in this state anymore. There isn't anything to do and no one really worth talking to.

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