no need to be so so expensive. I love to do this.
- I like to gather with people who had same interest & sometime opposite than me especially on group. the place which VERY LIVELY & I do not need to get involved. Sometime I do not need to touch anything there & just see only. very good place & fit with myself who always not talk.
- I like to exploring! there was a day my family's member cry cause I do not contact them & says where am I going? feel bad after know what happen sweatdrop
I was just take a walk on New Mall building around city & they've got panicked!
- I like to stay on library. Book is great! cause I feel connected with the writer's mind & feel we are on rendezvous place.
- I like to go alone without people. I cannot handle anything with people around so it's better I go by myself & find new place to hide myself. ninja
Better go with tour guide & let them lead the way.
- I like to do competition! make more fun when you place a beat! I will get motivate! moreover when I play with my friends! no stranger!
- I like people who can be so reliable & protect me! it's awesome having them.
- I love everything about people I like although they are devil. (when i know them very far) the greatest point is be responsible & I will do same.. at least no matter what, I will protect them. I will stay and do not leave unless they ask me to leave & I will gone without say any. very simple rules.
- I like when people put some advise but... I am very picky about advise. prefer to talk reality.
- no need to be honest sometime, there's secret people do not want to share so, I may not concern.
- the most luxury things I can count, even it's not expensive, you try your best to make me comfortable. especially when you can change my mind into positive!
Fortunately I have 2 in my real life, I am very blessed with that! no need so much cause 1 can be count as million even words cannot describe.