I know It's very silly to tell these. however I like myself although I know people call me weird but accept my weird you are must be too weird.

Mostly opposite gender says on me for first time : you are sexy & kind. ( thanks for telling to me but frankly makes me uncomfortable the most )
Most favorite color : I like everything but If I have to choose is... heart RED heart
Most favorite food : 4laugh RAMEN! 4laugh
Most favorite drink : 3nodding WATER 3nodding simple as me.
Occupancy : gaia_angelleft collecting information gaia_angelright
The most specialty : copycat gaia_kittenstar
Love to be with : gaia_gaiagold people who can changes the world gaia_gaiagold
^ for this point just be yourself & show your earnest point. no need to push to be what my idealism. I accept honesty the most. ^
Hate the most to be with : gaia_nitemareleft irresponsibility gaia_nitemareright
^ cannot protect promise? good bye! ^
The fact on what kind of hobby I really like : ninja challenge myself to get rid of my weakness ninja
without asking for help such drug or drank & avoid anything which can make me calm but let my anger come out, cry so much until my sound vanish, break everything, & do everything that make me think all is my fault until I sane.
so please stay out when I really on not good terms. wahmbulance

The most favorite games : do challenge my friends on games & place beat. games is the best when there's something you try to get.
Most hobby i hate : photograph, travelling, & throw prank on people.

Important note : what i can offer? my heart?! why not? exception only if you ask me to leave & i will do it without double thinking.
I always try but I notice not much people trust me & why do I need to trust people?

I dislike steal ( did once in my past life & to be honest I feel hurt after do it, since that I swear to not do it)
I dislike to hurt people ( I did lot of bad terms in past & why do I need to do it again? )
I dislike to force people ( no more, they are says they adult, let them choose what the best for them... I have no right to says any. but get blame on people cause I do not says what's on my mind... I dislike to make bad influence, anyway It makes me realize people heart actually not same from time to time! & why do I need to cry for that idiot while I need to cry for myself cause believe on you! it hurts to remember you while thinking what you did on me... )

People are imperfect & include me.. I have less socialize skill with people & may hurt people with what i says. cannot avoid this but frankly i want to be more timid than i am now. I know if i going this far, no one can save me, but i have no choice. I know sometime I hurt people without knowing. I also do not want to get hurt BUT PEOPLE ALWAYS HURT ME. that's why only this option I can take & avoid people around so much.

the craziest things I did in my life : I keep promise on someone who already dies long time ago. people told me to forget but sorry, I cannot. I even swear to not wear make up on myself & try to not to wear sexy outfit even get called a lot by people as sexy... unless for work purpose. until someone tell me to stop it for realistic reason. to be honest, I do not want to break my own promise but well... I am sorry for being greedy cause cannot forget you. I still want you even you are not here. should I stop this act & give up on you?