yesterday was Mid-Autumn Festival & I go to fortune teller to ask for see my fortune for next year. I've decide to change lot of things on next year.
it's surprising me sweatdrop

I cannot believe after hear & it says I do not have to very close with people??
doesn't mean get less socialize but it says " you shouldn't help people anymore."

no need to help people?
lol, what the weird result but yeah... it's not one times i got this comment.. but back on very long time ago since i was young too.
so far... what i think & see from people around me is get too suspicious on me when i really try to help.
I do not ask anything for return either try to get called hero.
help people 100% pure without asking anything.

I will stop this line & not continue to mention above.
Now, these times what i try to focus only need to be get less on considering people.
(not include very close people i have)
and get myself very high quality time mrgreen

and once more... lately I feel something would be great to be on group with same hobby! x3
well... honestly to you... it's not just 1 times I did join into group...
I get hooked with wisdom & knowledge very easy...
If inside there lot of clever people gather, I may be there too & be passive mostly, LOL