Location: Plains/moors suitable for farming, Saxophone and Bassoon border dense forests, Saxophone also borders mountains
Capital City: Reed / merchant city (Clarinet)... Significant Landmarks: Silver City/ most technologically advanced (Flute)
Government: democracy, each province is elected a Principal (re-election takes place yearly), and the five Principals discuss & vote in Parliament in Reed.
Military: none. relies heavily on Brass for protection against outside forces
Primary Exports: Agricultural products, lumber & similar products
History: one particular event only (near) two decades old particularly took the citizens of the Winds by shock. At the time, Principal flute, allied to and the spouse of Principal Oboe had an affair with the current General Tuba of the Brass Army. Citizens began to question their Principal's loyalty, and the loyalty of the past Principals. Principal flute was forced to resign, and until re-election the standing government had much difficulty with passing bills and organization of the section's budget, as votes were often deadlocked. The child of former Principal flute and former General Tuba is unknown to the public, rumours state that he or she likely fled to the Brass.

Location: large expanse of varying landscapes.
Capital City: Rosin (in the center of Violin, the heart of the section, big city)... Notable landmarks: Pizzicato /non-slum city of Cello (Cello), Tremelo (Contrabass), Arco (Viola)
Violin - big city/ large social class & wealth contrast, Viola - law & government; primarily upper middle to lower-middle class, Cello - farmland lower classes, Contrabass - security & military social class disparity

Government: Monarchy. Lead by Queen/Concertmistress (role of King/Principal Second is figurehead, men have next to no power in the royal bloodline) and elitist Quartet (leaders of Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass [selected NOT elected]). Often one member of the Quartet is the spouse of the Concertmistress.
Military: done mainly in Contrabass, which borders Trombone and Horn thus adapting lightly the Brass' militaristic lifestyle. Weapons use old-fashioned sword & shields with some updated technologies