My first call of the day. Man how I was not expecting that. I answer the phone as I normally do, asking for the guest's last night. He spells it for me, but for now I'll just all him Mr. C.Now, Mr. C didn't seem so bad at first, we was asking about availability but when I looked into it and saw what was up, things completely changed.

Now, just for reference, I work at a central call line for hotel brands to make reservations currently. It's a great job and pays super nice!

So, come to find out that the night Mr. C wanted was unavailable, but if he were to book 2 nights he could stay for the first night he wanted. He did not like this at all and did not seem to understand how hotels work. If a nights not available by itself, it's not available. Mr. c continued to argue with me saying that it WAS available because there was a room if he stayed the 2nd night. Granted, he could get the night he wanted if he booked 2, but he would have had to pay the early departure fee. This pissed him off further. Apparently I was now dictating how his stay needed to be (I wasn't). I was just trying to let him know if he needed that night that this would be the only way to do it. Mr. C then goes on to tell me how he's been a part of our rewards program for years and how that should change the situation. If you're a platinum member with us then there are cases where those members get an override at the hotel and can get a room if its sold out. I pull up his account and he literally has a basic b***h account....

There was nothing I could do besides stick to policy. He goes out of his way to say he's going to report us to some like agency or something and he also wanted to speak to a manager.

Mid-transfer he hung up.

Eff you Mr. C. Stay basic b***h forever you entitled plebeian emotion_puke