LOL, this is very random & I even put these person name on this Journal.

This month I've got problem with LAPTOP setting.
By coincidence I meet person name Faizal on Sunday October 1, he help me to get know about Laptop on electrical shop at famous district at my city I live in.

so, I want to buy new one again but think of sell my old one.
He told me to upgrade internal part of my laptop since he did check everything on my laptop & find no problem inside.

He teach me around 8 hours to change some part for better performance.
He also says it's better I sell my laptop inner part.
I was think... yeah... I don't think I need to upgrade into higher version cause cost too much whether money & my electric bills! xd
more better version need energy consumption more T^T I don't notice that!
I am not ready to pay my bill xD
I have enough with my current bills I always receive every month.

However, these learn about laptop & inner part itself makes me get more interesting cause my economical state I had right now getting more lower. =_=;
financial issue cause event at office~ xP
also I'd like to learn how to fix my own laptop from Faizal!
he would like to show me & I am so excited! He too kind to me for helping me! ^-^