ahahahaha I've see no point on blame anyone but....

Although I hate you so much, It's better I really forget all about you & let you alive on your own world.
Let you die on your own trap is best things to watch.

I mean... yeah, who would not like this misery show of person you hate so much?
Thank you for everything~ start from what you did all to me until the end of the show! 2 month of painful words finally paid.

Another one of stupid has been kicked out...
after the one try to attack me with her words now another one with evil mind & jealous heart...
Now 2 person out of the stage & I've just find out she try to provoke 2 of her friends with another division... Omg...

It's crazy... friendship, eh? how could she can make her friends to be target of blame?? how can? she switching the data & put blame on her friends & says they forgot to tell her. later their friend get problem with Boss.

NOTE : even you call yourself adult but your ways to make people into trouble means you cannot qualified as adult! :C

btw, she is 43 years old. she even put blame to me who are on different division & I do not have any business with her... dunno why she did that to me but I am very sure all because they think I have good terms with trustworthy people at office & their group feel intimidated around me & they start to attacking me.
on August one of them quit & this month another one quit too!
It's good show to see but who cares your pity~ you choose to quit by your own for the sake of your fxcking pride!! :p

this month another one with fake mask coming... such wolf wearing the sheep's skin.
anyway, this life taught me a lot! one after another misery just like test who try to block me into my way to be good person cause they always try make me looks like stupid lately.
I guess I cannot be saved much lately.
I trying to catch up but feel too heavy to do all things in one scoop!
even so, I believe someone will help me this month. I do not know how but I can feel about people who try to defend me.
I wonder what should I do in this month while trying to fix myself? -_-

keep make diary of my stupid mind? maybe.... this month i should make ones irl ;_;