I better keep my journal streaks this month.

So recap of last night:

Met up with SHAD humans for Nuit Blanche. Spent a lot of time walking around aimlessly (eg. Porta-PARTY jokes). Ate a beaver tail for the first time ever, same with poutine (though it was me mostly eating Kristen/Kristan and Dylan/Dilan's food).

It was really cool to see that even though we haven't seen each other in awhile, and that I didn't know some of the guys super well in the first place, the dynamic was really good. Reminds me of band family.

After we headed back to rez, the remaining six humans chilled in Dylan's room and played Scrabble slam and talked about random stuff. Then we went to floor 27 and did absolutely nothing for even more time. Twas great.

Even when it was just Dylan reading aloud that Romeo and Juliet book and chilling with Martyn and Sammy, it was really awesome.

So overall, despite sleeping on the floor and still having a pain in my neck at the moment (and also it being 1:13 and so far all I've accomplished is eat 3 plates of food, haha) yesterday was pretty good.