although I am person with good heart & try to not hurt you.
but you make me into wrong condition.

I won't be sad anymore. only change my smile into other meaning.
However... No one will trust me right? I have right to not trust you too.

okay... I wonder... I've always questioning this. can do this on me?

if only because you like to run away from responsibility.
then... I have right to hate you. this option will change if these person changing too.

how to solve this : I only need to think I do not have to believe, no need to cry cause useless. if these matter happen, I only need to know how to protect myself first. cause person with less thinking of risk is pretty evil.

which mean, I need to think if I have to associate with these person. and one things I learn from this situation... cause these person work under same division with me...
I need to calm more than usual... although these person could bring disaster...