You call yourselves nerds,
Yet you're stupid beyond words.
You've lost half of the equation,
And have rewritten the definition.
Faux intellectual, I despise you.
There is nothing that you can do
To keep up the act once we see through.
To yourself, you should have been true.
But, I suppose to hit it, and quit it
Was the plan that you had writ.
Or, were you hoping to be a ball, and chain?
Upon your parade, I bring forth the rain.
Take a bow, your act is through,
And the younger of us grew.
Thankfully, you reproduce few,
But largely with the young, and new.
Statutory rape is your game,
And, your victims' are not to blame.
The scars you leave are a shame,
Yet, you push us forward in evolution,
You push us forward in revolution,
And evermore we continue to grow,
Evermore we come to know.
And, now, we know about you,
So what are you going to do?