Lovers make a suicide pack and hug in a loving embrace as they stab each other in the heart

The girl lives and becomes a evil ruler

"He stabbed me in the heart. It's said that I survived because I never had a heart to begin with"

"Doubt my love as I watch this world burn"

She kills her nation of people and his, because they fought each other and forced them into suicide so they could meet in the after life. Their nations would not allow their marriage and that is why they made the suicide pack.

*Possibly in ties with my spider queen character - maybe she loves a elf while she is a orc/human, and after surviving the suicide pact she practices black magic and voodoo to become a spider monster. She

If she cannot bare a human/elf child by him then she will become one mix of them herself by sacrificing her humanity and the blood of her love and fusing with help of magic that forces the fusing of animal/insect blood to fill the DNA that their blood alone could not fill*