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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Report : Mitosis .

Report : Project Mitosis.


Three people came upon the doorstep of my lab a while back.
One female, two male. The men where madly in love with the
woman, where as the female cared for them both, each a different
reason. And though i made it very clear to them my stance on
the subject, they asked me for assistance to this matter....

....And so, I proposed a solution.....

I told the men to leave, to come back within a few weeks, and
I would have there solution. Where-as, I kept the woman behind
to explain to her what I had in mind...

Mitosis is the Type Of Cell Division that creates egg and sperm cells.
It is a fundamental process for all life, no matter the species.
During Mitosis, a cell duplicates all of its contents, including it's
chromosomes into a singular cell, then splits to form two identical
daughter cells.

...In short, from one... can be two. From two, can be four....
And so on, and so on, until life is formed.

With this woman, I injected her with a dividing agent that required
quite a bit of nutrients and calcium..... lots ....of calcium.
Eventually, her body swelled and gathered.... and began to split.
And over time, with due care, the one... became two.

After full recovery in the R&R, both of the newly divided women
where active and fully aware. Both, an exact copy of herself.
However, when the men where brought back to choose a
woman to whom to be with, they where.... more than hesitant.
So, i gave the choice to the women.

And that was my biggest regret during this experiment...

Woman A decided that she wanted one of them... but still could
not decide upon who.
Woman B decided that she wanted them BOTH, and began to
make a fuss towards Woman A.
...The men, in a word, felt disturbed at how all this turned out, and
in the end they both decided to give up there pursuit of love to her.
In truth, they where afraid, even i could see.... they felt something
was very wrong.

And that would be my own fault.

In my carelessness, i forgot to check one vital indifference, the mental
state of the two women. Where one became way too passive-aggressive,
the other became way too aggressive-passive.

This was made clear as soon as the men left my lab, as both women
began to fight with anything they could get there hands upon.

By the time my staff where able to interrupt them in a safe manner,
the damage was done, and both women dealt fatal blows to each other
with a nearby pair of scalpels.


In conclusion... Division of the body as i did was doable....
However, just like in normal Mitosis, some cells do die off, to help
promote the better ones to fully mature into a more healthy being.
In my experiment, rather than dying off, the "bad cells" remained,
causing a mental difference within both subjects... causing them
to turn on one another. And though as sad as this might be, its
hardly a failure.... as now we have a better understanding of a
possible meens to clone safely. But further testing and data study
is required....



Valentine's Note Edit :

I was a huge failure in this project....

However, from this, i can perhaps apply it to (REDACTED) .

....Along with the Dark Matter, it might be possible?
But further study is needed.


In truth, I think I need to put up a sign or something.
" Volunteers welcome, "love"-related issues will be turned away "

....Perhaps I'll let R&R work on that later....


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