The Lightning Queen
It's kind of weird that I stumble into this particular conversation after getting this in my inbox from my school's food-ordering website:

Don't Be Dominated By Leftovers!

Don't let turkey sandwiches bring you to your knees. Order something fresh, and leave the cooking to someone else.
Get 15% off your order today!

Enter coupon code at checkout:

I mean.

Blutnebel Worslei
Attention duelists! My hair is assisting the ship!

Gintsuki Chi
Blutnebel Worslei
Gintsuki Chi
I dare someone to question my logic! 8D

Regal did a page ago.

I want someone else to question my messed up logic.

Tuna Salad Sonnet
...I am having a conversation with myself in the middle of the thread again, aren't i.